Vehicle Registration and Driving licence to be Centralised

Vehicle Registration and Issue of Driving licenses will be Centralized soon as Highways Ministry and National Informatics Centre have launched a Centralized database for these two regulations.
Once this Centralized Computerization project is operational driving licenses will be issued in the name of Union of India using the terminals linked to the central database. This procedure will eliminate duplication work as reported by NIC.

Also, details of the automobile will only be a click of a mouse away. Officials said a gazette notification will be issued within a month to make it mandatory that all new licenses would be issued as Indian Union Driving Licence.

It is told that this Centralization process will not take away the powers of State Government as far as Registration of Vehicles and issue of driving licenses are concerned.
The idea of bringing these two regulations under a single window is to prevent anyone from getting multiple licenses from different states. Once the centralized database come in to existence every RTO can access, the same and exercise his powers registration vehicles and and issue of driving licenses. In a nut shell, the new system would eliminate usage of vehicles for destabilizing national security.

In this regard the national transport portal will work as a gateway for multiple purposes for individuals and also for states and security agencies. People can apply for Driving licence, Vehicle registration certificate and for hypothecation online. As per official statement, this system will facilitate online payment of various taxes, fees and transport charges. The vehicle owners can also get SMS alerts of their payments due for insurance and renewal of insurance.

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