Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace.

 whatever  article I come across it is my wish to share with my friends. our cadre is undoubtly a challenging. But at the end of the day we might feel that we have done something.  
Eventhough we are working under the umberlla of the laws,rules and the procedures and the clarification there upon with the provided staff - the implementation and got done the work differs in each one of us. we could not change entire thing around us, but can change ourselves to look and feel good in our day to day work. Here  i am sharing one article read recently some where, in Part I,II and III  daily with all of you : Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace. I hope that, this will be useful to all


Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace
It’s 8:00 a.m. The day is new and alive with possibilities. By 8:30, you've had your 3rd cup of java, taken your first rest room break and you finally sit down to check for messages. Then it begins. Employees are grumbling. The new guy is missing in action – again.
Suddenly the phone rings and on the other side, an angry customer demands to know why the company employs such inconsiderate people.
Then your star salesperson walks into your office with that icy-cold gaze and says, "I’ve been hired by the competition ... I’m leaving tomorrow."
By 9 a.m. you’ve been drained of your passion, creativity and positive attitude. Irritable and stressed, you may feel like hurting the next person who says your name. Want to conquer negativity? Here are some suggestions:
Always remember you are in control of your own reality. After all, perception dictates the way we ultimately see the world. In my world, everything and everyone has infinite potential. I treat people with respect and dignity because in my reality, those qualities matter most.
I have a scorpion tattoo on my left wrist. I put it there because I'm a Scorpio and I like what the sign of the Scorpio represents; passion, tenacity, risk-taking. The scorpion tattoo is also a reminder that you never know when life is going to sting you. There's zero doubt that life can sting you and sting you and then sting you some more.
All that stinging can make you bitter and angry. That's how lots of people respond. Or all that stinging can make you appreciate the fact that you're alive. Surviving hardships can make you wiser, more empathetic and more resilient. The poison can numb your soul and make you a transport for even more negativity. Or it can make you so strong that nothing or no one can keep you down for too long.
You are in total control of how you choose to perceive the events that life throws your way. Therefore you are in complete control to how you respond to the events you go through. Choose to fill your world (and organization) with opportunity and unbridled enthusiasm. Once you make those traits the core of your world, success becomes inevitable.
When it comes to experiencing emotions, we are not alone. Everyone experiences feelings of anger and fear, and everyone experiences problems. These problems, and how we overcome them define who we become. What makes us unique is HOW we deal with our problems.
As a leader, you do not have the luxury of diminishing your employees’ self-esteem in a moment of rage. Remind your management team and front-line employees that rage and random acts of intimidation are not in the job description.
Furthermore, you DO NOT have the luxury of wearing your negative emotions on your sleeve. When we walk through that front door, we are on stage. Our every move is being watched and ultimately emulated by our employees. Therefore, we must be consistent and predictable in how we interact with our employees and how we deal with life’s challenges.
Your attitude is the foundation for your employees’ sense of reality. If you come in to work smiling, optimistic and approachable, then it's easier to expect a positive work day. If you come to work with a scowl on your face, are resonating anger or a "don't talk to me until I've had my coffee" energy, you can expect a negative work environment, and have no one to blame but yourself.
Communicate! When dealing with negative individuals, teams or departments, give negative employee(s) ample opportunity to vent their feelings and thoughts. As they share their gripes, listen quietly and fully. Repeat what you think is being said to assure that each of you are communicating effectively.
(to be continued)

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