Biometric Attendance Control system - Fisrt time in India...!

For the first time in India in the 2nd of last September, Biometric Attendance Control system installed in the Ministry of Home Affairs. The recording of finger prints of Central Government employees by means of a finger print accumulating device known as BACS was introduced by the Honorable Home Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram . In his speech delivered on that occasion the minister indicated that the system was put forth with the thought o f exulting wholesome work in meaningful allotted time form the employees. (That is, a working day consists of 8 hours - 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m with half an hour lunch break in Ministry of Home Affairs and all officers/officials are expected to work for this minimum period.)

The BACS device has been installed to be in vigil of the incoming (Mustering) of employees to their respective institutions.

This clearly shows the lack of confidence upon the employees. But Government said, the purpose of introducing the system is to regulate this aspect, i.e. 8 hours of work in a day and 40 hours in a week. It is noted that some persons may get delayed due to transport/traffic problem or some other reasons. Such late arrivals within a reasonable period of 15-25 minutes will be acceptable subject to their adjusting their working hours upto 8 hours by delayed departure.

Earlier, before the installation of BACS the recorded the late comings of employees but ceased to record those who muster out late in the evening due to work load. Now the employees have to their knowledge that after the introduction of BAC system this will also be accurately recorded.

In this trend triumphs it would put this system in to operation in other Central Government Institutions.

Outsides will not easily get in filtrated into Government institutions easily as a result. Moreover, due to the fear of terrorists thronging everywhere the government may decide to put inter action this operation of BACS everywhere.

It has been in talks that duplication of identities in other systems will not be eligible in BAC system.

Employees receiving salaries without proper attendance would be largely deterred by this new systems of BACS. 

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