With nomination

With legal evidence

Without nomination

Sanctioning power

Checking of application

Documents to be attached

SB Claims


1. With Nomination

2. Without Nomination

3. With legal Evidence

With Nomination…

Application (Simple format)

Pass book

Death certificate


SPM: Rs 1000

LSG SPM: Rs.2000

HSG SPM: Rs.5000

HSG PM:Rs. NO limit

Check the particulars in the claim form.

Satisfy yourself with the “Fact about the death”

Detailed verification only in case of doubt(1136/2003 dated 20.04.2004)

Balance, Nomination details & Free from court attachment to be got verified from HO

Action at SO on receipt of application

Examine the application

Satisfy about identity of the claimant

Attest the copy of death certificate

Impress date stamp on the application

Forward to HO for verification of balance and court attachment

On receipt after verification the SPM will issue sanction if it is within his limit

HO will

Verify the balance and nomination

Check whether there is any court attachment

See whether the account is pledged

See whether pledge is released if pledged

Forward the application to SO if it is within SPM limit

3 Legal Evidences…

Probate of Will

Succession Certificate

Letter of Administration

Legal Evidences…

When there is no Nomination + amount of claim exceeds Rs.1,00,000

Head Postmaster will sanction the claim

Fact of the death need not be verified

Genuineness of the legal evidence may be confirmed before making payment

Without Nomination…

Obtain SB 84 form, along with consent/ dissent statements

Death Certificate

Pass book

Get the attestation verified.

Claims are decided based on Discretionary powers.

Discretionary Powers:

T/S SPM                          Rs. 1000

LSG SPM                         Rs. 2000

HSG SPM, PM                  Rs. 5000

Gezetted PM, SPOs           Rs. 20,000

Gr. ASSP/ CPM                          Rs. 50,000

DPS                                 Rs. 75,000

PMG, CPMG                   Rs.1,00,000

Get the Oath Administered in SB84 form

Claimant to produce all documents + SB 84

Should be known to SPMs/ can be identified by a person known to the Post Office

Claimant will sign before SPM

SPM signs immediately.


No further verification is required (1471/80SS/SB dated 20.9.82 and 2.8.82)

Wait for 3 months from the date of death

Claimant is explained of Provision of Sec 193 of IPC

Department is free from any litigation vide Sec 5 of Govt SB Act 1873

Person giving false oath is punishable under law.


Verification of consent statements is not necessary

No notice to the near relatives is necessary

Declaration on oath/solemn affirmation can be made before any sanctioning authority irrespective of the amount of claim.

Verification of death certificate

G.I Dept of Posts Lr No 113b/2003SB dated at New Delhi the 20042004

Verification of death certificate is necessary only when there is a doubtabout the genuineness of the certificate

S C Claims

The nominee can encash the certificate after maturity

Nominee can opt for fresh certificate issued in his name after settlement of claim

In case of two or more claimant,they may opt for fresh certificate in their namejoint A or joint B

In case of two or more nominee,they have option to subdivide the certificate and have fresh certificates issued in their name

In case of two nominee, if one nomnee predeceased the investor, the surviving nominee will claim.

On the death of last surviving nominee claim will be settled in favor of legal heir of the nominee.

Sanctioning authority and power

Head Postmaster and Sub postmasters,

Selection grade and Time scale sub postmasters,

Settle irrespective of the amount

Head postmaster will not have jurisdiction in SO claims

With Legal Evidence

Succession certificate is necessary if the amount exceeds Rs 1,00,000/

Time scale SPM can sanction up to Rs 1000/

Divisional Head will sanction the claim relating to certificates registered at Time scale SO

LSG SPM and Head postmaster will settle claim of any amount

Without nomination and legal evidence

Divisional Head settle the claims of certificates of sub post offices exceeding the powers of SPMs

Settlement only after three months from the date of death of the investor

Gazetted Postmaster will not sanction the claims of certificates of the SOs under his jurisdiction which is beyond the powers of SPM

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