Checklist on routine transactions in applications at PO
At the start of the day

Supervisor’s checks


·         Ensure that the inverter of the UPS is turned on

·         Ensure that the genset or generator is in working condition and sufficient consumable is available to run the unit for at least 3 hours

·         Get the server turned on and wait for the login screen to appear; do not login to server

·         Start the communication system and run all communication applications – eMO, ePayment and speednet; check whether communication is working; If failure is indicated, call the system administrator to resolve the issue

·         Power on one of the clients, login with your user authentication

·         Login as Supervisor in sub accounts module, ensure that the date and time is current and perform day begin; exit;  If date and time is not current consult the system administrator

·         Login as supervisor in treasury module and perform day begin; exit

·         Login as supervisor in Postman module and perform day begin; exit

·         Login as supervisor in eMO application, perform day begin and complete work allocation; Assess the number of eMOs required to be printed and have all these printed on priority

·         Login as supervisor in Point of sale , perform shift begin and work allocation 0.

·         Similarly login as supervisor in Sanchay Post and perform day begin; observe the following

o    Check whether the SI transactions in MIS are successful; If any errors are thrown consult the error file, note down account numbers and initiate steps to resolve the errors

o    If the office is SO and HO files are received, ensure that the upload is successful; If not consult the system administrator/HO

o    Check whether the major stock of passbook/certificates as shown in sanchay post tally with the actual stock

o    If stock of certificates/passbooks are received, take them into stock and confirm correctness before the operations commence for the day

Operator’s checks

Point of sale

·         Switch on the power supply to the system and login

·         Run the Point of sale and check whether the login screen appears and your name appears in the login screen; If not consult the supervisor

·         Check whether the weighing scale is connected to the system and is in working condition; If not login as operator in Point of sale and change the weighing scale to manual mode (use the menu Tools – Weighing machine)

·         Check whether the barcode reader is connected and is in working condition

·         Check whether the printer is connected and is in working condition

·         Ensure that you have sufficient number of barcodes and blank receipts for use during the day

·         Ensure that manual receipt books are available for use during a power or system failure to continue operations

·         During the login process, check whether the date and time is current before you start performing transactions


·         Check whether login is created for you

·         Check whether reallocation of beats are required for the day to support the arrangements made on account of leave or any other issues; Request the supervisor to make the changes

·         Check the opening balance in all abstracts and ensure that the articles/MOs on hand tally; If not consult the supervisor


·         Login as operator and check whether the BO/SO allocations are available to you

·         Check whether the opening balance and date of daily account as available in the application aligns with the daily accounts expected; If not, consult the supervisor


·         Login with your user account, consult the TCB and check whether the opening balance tallies with the physical stock

·         If you are a new user, check whether proper allocations are made for your role

Sanchay Post

·         Switch on the system and login as windows user

·         Check whether you are able to launch sanchay post and login with the credentials assigned to you

·         Check whether the passbook printer is in working condition

·         Check whether the flatbed or signature scanner is in working condition

Operator’s role


·         On entry of all MOs and articles hard copies have to be generated and given to postmen along with articles/money orders

·         In case of money orders/eMOs supervisor has to be requested to authorize the amount for entrustment of cash in treasury

·         While accepting returns, check whether proper remarks are entered on the articles by postmen before updating them in the module; use the modify option to modify the remarks if changes are required; Note that modifications are not possible once submit account is done by supervisor

·         If articles/HVMOs have to be transferred to despatch module for further consignment, take printout of the report and transfer the articles under acquittance to user in charge of despatch module

·         Generate the print out of other reports and put up to supervisor for verification

Point of sale

·         Please do not leave your seat while the application is in logged condition; Logout of the applications in such situations

·         Transfer the eMO pay slips to supervisor for authorization in eMO application periodically

·         Transfer all other articles to despatch module under acquittance at the close of the day

·         Transfer cheques and cash to treasurer at the close of the counter and on acknowledgement by treasurer, print the submit accounts; If any error occurs during this printing,  use the Print accounts option to generate another copy in the same day; print out of this not available on the next or subsequent days

·         On completion of all such adjustments, perform shift end

·         On completing shift end print all the reports and put up the reports along with submit accounts to supervisor for verification; Exit from the Point of sale after these tasks are completed

Sub accounts

·         Obtain documents from all branches for despatch to BOs/SOs and sort them

·         Invoice these in the SO/BO slips using the documents data entry option

·         Make a request to the treasurer for entering the cash or stamps to be remitted

·         Upon remittance entry by treasurer and closing of cash bag, enter the cash bag weight and print the SO/BO slips and close the account/BO bags

·         When the account /BO bags are received, note down the daily accounts that are not received for the day and enter data of such daily accounts not received before posting the daily accounts received

·         Post all the daily accounts that are received, taking care to post the data correctly to avoid troubleshooting later

·         If more than one daily account is received from the same office, post the earliest daily account first and then the latest

·         In case of BOs, check that the ‘Tally rebooked transactions’ dialog box is empty before the close of the day

·         Also, in case of BOs, post the index of receipts ensuring that there are no breaks in serials; In case of breaks, raise logs


·         Ensure that denominations are correctly entered while making data entry

·         Make payment of epayment transactions only to the extent of data received and not through other means; In exceptional cases when payment is to be made through other payment option, get the approval of supervisor

·         In case of HO, HTR or MTR to ensure that TCB of all treasurers are generated and the consolidated TCB is also generated

·         At the close of the day ensure that the TCB tallies

·         Please do not generate daily account or HO summary at frequent intervals during the day; This should be attempted only as the last activity in the day

·         Before generating HO summary/daily account ensure the following

o    Submit account of all Point of sale counters are verified by supervisor

o    Similarly submit account of all counters in SB cash is verified by supervisor

o    Submit account of all postmen are done by supervisor of postman module

o    In case BOs are in account with the office, the remittance entries are verified and adjusted by the supervisor in subaccounts module and the transit summary is generated

·         Generate the HO summary/daily account and ensure that it tallies with TCB balance; Reconcile out of account entries if they are shown in HO summary or daily account


·         Print the eMOs received for payment and transfer the warrants immediately to postman module for further handling

·         In case of HO, view the eMOs received to check whether office modification is required and carryout the modification

·         Apart from the eMOs for the office, generate printout of eMOs for the non connected SOs and list and transfer the vouchers with list to sub account PA or the messenger for handling at the offices

·         Please do not process payment of eMO that is not either received electronically or received from HO destined to your office

·         On receipt of paid eMO vouchers from non connected SOs at HO, enter paid data date wise correctly and check whether the data entered tallies correctly with the sub account figure; request the supervisor to verify the tallied figure

·         Generate the list of eMOs received for bulk payees and get the acquittance of the payee; On receipt of acquittance update the payment data and request the supervisor to verify for making payment in treasury

·         Follow up the paid figure in eMO site after communication completes

Sanchay Post

·         Perform the counter transactions; Note down the common/specific form no. on the voucher pertaining to each transaction and pass the voucher to supervisor

·         If computerized passbooks are issued, print the passbook for the transactions

·         Never leave the counter with the application in logged - in condition

·         When accepting transactions for closure/transfer/claim, enter the acceptance request initially in the Project Arrow menu and take print out of the receipt

·         If cheques are required to be given to customers for payment transactions, obtain the same from the treasurer through SB cash module

·         On completing  these transactions, update the status in project arrow menu

·         At the close of counter, generate the reports after all transactions are passed by supervisor

·         Note down the total of transactions, enter in SB cash module

·         In case of SOs with BOs, the SB cash module shows BO adjustments automatically

·         Transfer cash on hand to treasurer and on acknowledgement, print submit accounts

·         Put up all the reports to the supervisor along with the hard copy of the submit accounts

Despatch module

·         Operator to login and perform shift begin

·         Operator to fetch data of articles booked at counter and collect the articles/MOs physically simultaneously and to fetch data from postman module while receiving the articles physically

·         To enter data of special journal articles collected

·         To perform despatch tasks ensuring that justified lists are generated and no article is retained in deposit

·         To generate all reports and perform shift end

Supervisor’s role at the end of the day

·         Access point of sale module and check whether all operators have done shift end

·         Login as supervisor and verify the submit accounts comparing the same with the hard copy; Sign all the reports of all counters;  Perform shift end, preferably after the day’s accounts tally

·         Login as supervisor in Postman module and submit the accounts of all Postmen; Before doing this, confirm that no corrections are required in the returns already taken; Transfer VP details of all beats after ensuring that cash is actually handed over by the concerned postmen to treasurer and accounts are settled

·         Before doing day end in postman module, ensure that shift end is done in Speednet and then perform day end in postman module

·         Login as supervisor in subaccounts module and perform the following tasks

o    Verify remittances received and sent at the office

o    Adjust the remittances acknowledged and made as per the daily accounts and ensure that transit summary is correct

o    Ask the operator to login and generate the printout of transit and advance summaries along with other reports

o    Perform day end after all the tasks are completed

·         Login to Sanchay Post module and perform the following tasks

o    Ensure that all the transactions sent by all operators are verified and that no form is pending

o    Afford modifications to transactions after proper enquiry when requested by the operator

o    Ensure that signature scanning for all accounts opened and transferred in are completed

o    Ensure that request ID is generated for all closures/transfers/claims processed during the day by operator using project arrow menu and the status of such requests are updated when transactions are completed

o    Ensure that bulk posting is completed for all acceptances

o    Ensure that stock of all certificates/passbooks tally at the close of the day

o    Check the LOTs/journals with vouchers and totals entered in SB cash and confirm accuracy

o    Perform day end {copy files generated to media for transfer to HO in case of SOs}

Treasury module

·         Login as Supervisor and check whether the TCB for all treasurers are generated and in case of HO consolidated TCB is generated

·         Check whether the TCB and HO summary/daily accounts compare correctly

·         Perform day end; In case of SOs, enter the documents data and ecb memo data and after performing day end print the daily account; perform floppy transfer of the daily account and secure the folder in the media


·         For detailed guidelines on Meghdoot transactions, refer to Meghdoot user guide

·         For troubleshooting transaction errors, refer to the troubleshooting guide on applications

·         In case of Project arrow offices, complete the day/shift end in the sequence listed below, run the accounts MIS client and attempt generation of the file for the day; the application will generate files correctly, if day end is correctly done, in encrypted form and update the same at the central server; confirm the data updation in central server by accessing the accounts mis site and check the delinquent status

Day End Sequence

§   Point of sale module- PA to perform the shift end. Supervisor to   perform shift end preferably after the day’s accounts tally.

§ Despatch module- PA to perform shift end.

§   Speed Net module- PA and supervisor to perform shift end

§   Postman module-Supervisor to perform day end

§   Subaccounts module-Supervisor to perform shift end

§   Treasury module –Supervisor to perform shift end

§   Sanchaya Post-Supervisor to perform day end

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