Cancellation/Partial Cancellation/Diversion of Certain Trains to be Effective from 1st December 2011 Keeping in View The Safety of The Passengers

Cancellation/Partial Cancellation/Diversion of Certain Trains to be Effective from 1st December 2011 Keeping in View The Safety of The Passengers
Ministry of Railways has decided to cancel/partial cancellation/divert mail/express trains during fog period from 1st December 2011 to 31st January 2012. Earlier this was announced to be effective from 20th December 2011. This is being done keeping in view the safety of the travelling passengers. It may also be noted that the fog conditions this year have occurred earlier than normally forecast and also as compared to last year and which is resulting in preponement of schedule of cancelled trains etc. The cancellation etc. of trains is being announced in advance so that travellers can plan their alternative journeys accordingly and are put to minimum inconvenience.
Zonal Railways have also been requested to constantly keep a watch on fog conditions, keep reviewing the status and consider starting cancelled trains with 3-days notice whenever and wherever feasible.
Zonal Railways specially Northern Railway (headquarter New Delhi), North Central Railway (headquarter Allahabad), North Eastern Railway (headquarter Gorakhpur), North-east Frontier Railway (headquarter Guwahati), North Western Railway (headquarter Jaipur), Southern Railway (headquarter Kolkatta), East Central Railway (headquarter Hajipur) have been advised to ensure adequate publicity of these changes for the benefit of the public.
The passengers are also advised to check the train running status on Enquiry No. 139 before reaching stations. The travelling public can also look for information through the notifications and advertisements being issued by Railways in respective local newspapers. The information is also being made available on the Ministry of Railway website and in other Zonal Railway websites.
Full refund can be availed by those passengers who have already booked in the trains which have been cancelled from 1st December 2011 onwards.

The list of affected trains is given below:
S.No.Train No.& Name
112873 Hatia-Anand Vihar, Jharkhand S.Kranti Express
212874 Anand Vihar-Hatia Jharkhand S. Kranti Express
313039 Howrah-Delhi Janta Express
413040 Delhi-Howrah Janta Express
514005 Sitamarhi-Anand Vihar Lichchavi Express
614006 Anand Vihar-Sitamarhi Lichchavi Express
714309 Ujjain-Dehradun Ujjaini Express
814310 Dehradun-Ujjain, Ujjaini Express
912033Kanpur-New Delhi Shatabdi Expres
1012034 New Delhi-Kanpur Shatabdi Express
1114043 Kotdwar-Delhi Garhwal Express
1214044 Delhi-Kotdwar Garhwal Express
1314115 Allahabad-Haridwar Express
1414116 Haridwar-Allahabad Express
1514265 Varanasi-Dehradun Express
1614266 Dehradun-Varanasi Express
1714307 Allahabad-Bareilly Express
1814308 Bareilly-Allahabad Express
1915011 Lucknow- Chandigarh Express
2015012 Chandigarh-Lucknow Express
2119771/19781 Jaipur- Amritsar Express
2219772/19782 Amritsar-Jaipur Express
2314211 Agra-New Delhi Intercity
2414212 New Delhi-Agra Intercity
2512460 Amritsar-New Delhi Intercity
2614681 New Delhi-Jalandhar Intercity
2714711 Haridwar-Sriganga Nagar Intercity
2814712 Sriganga Nagar-Haridwar Intercity
S.No.Train No.& NameCancelled between
113111 Howrah-Delhi Lal Quila ExpressKanpur-Delhi
213112 Delhi-Howrah Lal Quila ExpressDelhi -Kanpur
314217 Allahabad-Chandigarh Unchahar ExpressKanpur-Chandigarh
414218 Chandigarh-Allahabad Unchahar ExpressChandigarh- Kanpur
513007 Howrah-Sriganga Nagar Udyan Abha ExpressMughalsarai-Sriganganagar
613008 Sriganga Nagar-Howrah Udyan Abha ExpressSriganganagar- Mughalsarai
715003 Kanpur-Anwarganj-Gorakhpur Jn. Chauri Chaura ExpressKanpur-Allahabad
815004 Gorakhpur-Kanpur Anwarganj Chauri Chaura ExpressAlahabad -Kanpur
S.No.Train No.& NameReduction in frequency
114723 Kanpur Central- Bhiwani Kalindi ExpressFrom 7 days to 3 days
214724 Bhiwani – Kanpur Central Kalindi ExpressFrom 7 days to 3 days

113237/13238 and 13239/13240 Patna-Mathura ExpressTo run via Lucknow-Kanpur-Farrukabad-Kasganj-Mathura
(Release ID :77621)

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