Transfer/posting of officers of PS Group "B" cadre

Transfer/posting of officers of PS Group "B" cadre

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001
Dated : 08.11.2011
Sub : Transfer/ posting of officers of PS Group "B" cadre
The undersigned is directed to convey the approval of the competent authority for the following transfers/ postings in Postal Service Group "B" cadre :
S No. Name of the Officer Circle of Present Posting Circle Allotted on Transfer
1. A. K. Shukla                                                       Delhi               Chhatisgarh
2. Ranjit Singh Rana                                             J & K                     H P
3. Dhruv Raj Sharma                                            J & K                     H P
4. Pritam Chand                                                    J & K                     H P
5. Vageesh Varada                                                 A P                       Karnataka
6. R. G. Byateppanwar                                          Postal Dte.            Karnataka
7. J. R. Palchatre                                                   Delhi                       Karnataka
8. M Sudhakar Mallya                                          A P                        Karnataka
9. M Jayantha Kumar                                           Postal Dte.             Karnataka
10. Anil V Joshi                                                  PTC, Vadodara       Karnataka
11. B Chandrakanth Kamath                              PSCI Ghaziabad      Karnataka
12. A Koragappa                                                     Haryana             Karnataka
13. R P Srivastava                                                Postal Dte.                M P
14. A V Gaikwad                                                A P                       Maharashtra
15. Trinath Sahoo                                                   Bihar                     Orissa
16. Jumbel Munda                                           Jharkhand                    Orissa
17. Krutartha Behera                                       Jharkhand                     Orissa
18. Satyabadi Biswal                                       Gujarat                         Orissa
19. M S Rana                                                   H P                               Punjab
20. Ranjeet Singh Shaktawat                      Haryana                            Rajasthan
21. Jai Singh                                                Haryana                           Rajasthan
22. Ram Sahai Meena                                 Haryana                           Rajasthan
23. M Gugendran                                        Maharashtra                     T N
24. K Rajagopalan                                      Maharashtr                        T N
25. A R Natarajan                                       Maharashtra                      T N
26. A Ayyakkannu                                       D elhi                                T N
27. R Baskaran                                            A P                                       T N
28. K Durairaju                                             A P                                      T N
29. A Natarajan                                           Delhi                                     T N
30. P Dharuman                                          Delhi                                     T N
31. P Gurunathan                                       N E                                         T N
32. M K Verma                                         U P                                        Uttarakhand

2. Benefit of TA/TP/ Joining Time etc. shall be permissible to the officers on the above transfer if he has been working in the present circle of posting for one year or more.
3. Relevant charge report may be sent to all concerned in due course.

( B P Pant )
Asstt. Director General (SGP)

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