India Post 2012 Calendar Based on Sculptural Heritage of India Released
Calendar on Sale at Philatelic Bureaux in the Country
Department of Posts has released India Post 2012 Calendar based on the theme of sculptural heritage of India. This is in continuation of DoP’s initiative in 2010 calendar which was brought out on the set of its highly popular 'Dasavatar' stamps based on Jayadev's 12th century epic 'Geetagovinda' and on the theme of ‘Buddha’ in 2011.

India has produced some of the most intricate and unrivalled sculptures in the world. India Post has celebrated the sculptural heritage of India by issue of a number of postage stamps from time to time. India Post 2012 Calendar is inspired by these postage stamps and includes images drawn from the vast trove of Indian sculptural heritage.

The history of Indian sculpture dates back to the Indus Valley civilization. Tiny tera-cotta seals and bust of the Priest - King in limestone discovered from the Valley show a high level sophistication and artistry. With changing times, the style and forms of Indian sculpture evolved and acquired new dimensions. Entwined with the plurality of religion, culture and social mores of society, Indian sculpture was deeply influenced with its art, dance, drama and literature. This synthesis produced a huge body of sculptural work which was eclectic and inspirational and was an important and integral part of the life of the common man.

India Post 2012 Calendar is available at various Philatelic Bureaux in the country at the price of Rs. 200 each.


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