Draft National Postal Policy. Post Your Feedback
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The below comments were posted by a Postmaster of India Post, on the The comments should be 1000 words. Therefore, that were splited into three parts and posted. Everyone have their own ideas to improve the present status of our beloved Department. Please comment on the following points and posts the remaining points in the Indiapost website.
Readers, your valuable comments on the below furnished points are invited :
In India the existing policy of Postal service is in comparable with other foreign Postal Services. The Postal Department is the Part and Parcel of every Indian life.  It connected with their emotion, feelings, carrier and livelihood. Postal Department is considered as a part of Police Department to maintain secrecy of the communication between the individual personally and the security of the Land collectively. But on seeing the posting of draft Postal Policy it is felt that Department is stepping into the modernization to compete with the private players of post and parcel business. It is felt that by the existing infra structure and administrative policy it is difficult to jump in the Post and Parcel market to gain a goodwill and profit. So following suggestions are submitted as there is no way but to adopt the new policy to survive in the modern world of service business.
1.       The Administrative structure should be changed. More Power should be given to the field units (Post offices) as in the Banking business. Every branch of Bank is individually managed with the sufficient staff allotted as per the changing work load.
2.       Each field Post office should be managed by well trained manager and the staff.
3.       The overall administrative power should, such as recruitment, posting, transfer, policy making for the regions should be rest with one unit which also directly connected with the field unit. Present intermediate divisional set up should be removed.
4.       The remote rural area where branch offices are justified should be managed by a separate structure of administration headed by the decision making powerful authority.
5.       In highly populated and well transport connected areas the field offices should be merged, to concentrate a particular business of the post offices i.e. delivery, Saving Bank, letter & parcel booking, Money transfer   should be concentrated in one building as per the requirement of the locality
6.       The decision making power should be vested to the Postmasters of the field unit.
7.       With the existing conduct rules of the government employess it is difficult to jump in the post and parcel market which needs flexibility to deal with the customers and the business
8.       Dedicated technology support should be provided as in the Railways instead of the using the existing manpower from the clerical strength and fix the responsibility if time frame is not maintained.

In short, the well tailored draft policy can be successfully implemented only on the changes on the above points as deemed fit by the department.


 Draft National Postal Policy. Post Your Feedback...

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