Dear Postmaster,

They say that by and large, people tend to judge others when they are right and rush for a compromise when they are in the wrong. This is because Truth is not often palatable. It’s not always liked.  It’s also  subjective, that is, what may be true from our point of view may not be true from someone else’s point of view, or we may be deceived into believing an  illusion as the truth.

It may be that because of our personal biases, facts would get distorted or even changed completely. Whichever way we look, these untruths impact relationships in a very bad way, hinder commitment and performance of the team.  The attached weekstarter highlights the importance of seeing things as they are rather than as how we wish to see.  This is called ‘Su Dharshan’ – ‘Su’ means ‘good’ and ‘Dharshan’ means ‘seeing’. 

We all know that perception is all that we have and perception is reality. Therefore, it’s absolutely important to keep the lens clean through which we are looking at the world so that we communicate authentically.Welcome to the weekstarter and we wish you all a great week ahead.

There was a sailor who worked on the same boat for three years. One night he got drunk. This was the first time it ever happened. The captain recorded it in the log, "The sailor was drunk tonight."

The sailor read it, and he knew this comment would affect his career, so he went to the captain, apologized and asked the captain to add that it only happened for the first time in three years which was the complete truth. The captain refused and said, "What I have written in the log is the truth." 

The next day it was the sailor's turn to fill in the log. He wrote, "The captain was sober tonight." The captain read the comment and asked the sailor to change or add to it explaining the complete truth because this implied that the captain was drunk every other night.

The sailor told the captain that what he had written in the log was the truth. 

Both statements were true but they conveyed misleading messages.

Moral: Beware of the Half Truth or Misrepresentation of Truth…

Have a wonderful week ahead !!!

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