SECURITY : DO’S AND DON’TS : ( Reproduction of Appendix – 18, Annexure – IV , PO Manual. Vol. II )


Do read and ensure that your staff too have read all security standing orders and instructions :—

(a) Your room, (b) Your documents, (c) Your safes and almirahs, (d) Your seals, (e) Your operating and duplicate keys.

Do ensure that on closing down for the day, nothing, to prejudice security is left down about in your office.

Do make sure of the identity of visitor first and then give him just what he need know to discharge his duty.

Do ensure that TOP SECRET matter is adequately safeguarded at all times and that all accountable classified documents are entered in a register which is regularly checked.

Do ensure that knowledge of classified matter is confined only to individual who are duty bound to know it.

Do ensure that your employees have been properly verified before employment.

Do ensure that all security waste paper is burnt daily under adequate supervision.

Do report at once to your Security Officer if you observe any breach of security in your office or elsewhere.


DON’T go about blind. If everyone is on the look out for breaches of security, security is assured.

DON’T hesitate to have the identity of an unknown visitor established before you pass on any classified information

to him.

DON’T leave your room with SECRET papers lying on your desk. Lock them up even if you leave your room for a short time.

DON’T take official documents home. If you have to, DON’T forget that the burden of their security is your PERSONAL responsibility.

DON’T have classified maps, graphs, charts, photographs, etc., displayed openly on the walls in your office. Keep them covered or locked.

DON’T encourage rumours and garrulity by anyone. On the contrary suppress these firmly.

DON’T put your neck into a nose by signing receipts for SECRET papers without careful scrutiny.

DON’T throw SECRET papers into the waste paper basket. Tear such papers into small bits and ensure that all the waste paper from your room is collected and burnt before shutting up.

DON’T keep spare SECRET papers unless you must.

DON’T forget to destroy all drafts, rough notes, spare copies, steno’s notes, carbons etc., when you get your fair copy ready.

DON’T leave your room unlocked or unwatched at any time.

DON’T sent SECRET papers through peons unless they are locked in boxes or sealed in double covers.

DON’T make notes on SECRET subjects in your diary. If you must, destroy the notes as soon as possible.

DON’T discuss SECRET subjects on the phone which is a PUBLIC service, not a SECRET service.

DON’T fully close the doors of safes, cabinets or cupboards unless they are locked. A closed safe may give the impression that it is locked while actually it is not.

DON’T forget your keys. Security depends on the safe custody of the keys.

DON’T write official secrets in your private letters. Remember the Official Secrets Act.

DON’T display your knowledge of SECRET information. It will not impress anyone who counts, but it might land you in trouble.

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