Transfer / posting in ASP cadre ......Aurangabad Region.

RO Aurangabad has issued the following adhoc promotion orders in ASP cadre and also issued transfer / posting orders.

(A) Adhoc promotion :

1. Shri S. N. Ambekar, SDI (P) Bhokar to be ASP (HQ) Nanded.
2. Shri S. R. Mamidwar, SDI (P) Kinwat to be PM, Nanded HO.
3. Shri Asad Shaikh, SDI (P) Aurangabad to be ASP (HQ) Jalgaon.
4. Shri M. S. Wange, SDI (P) Sillod to be PM, Jalgaon HO.
5. Shri S. B. Tathe, SDI (P) Aurangabad East to be ASP North Aurangabad.
6. Shri Prafulla Wani, SDI (P) Nashik to be PM, Malegaon HO.
7. Shri M. M. Patil, SDI (P) Omerga Sub divisioin to be ASP (HQ) Beed.

(B) Transfer / Posting.

1. Shri S. B. Lingayat, ASP Aurangabad to be PM, Jalna HO.
2. Shri S. M. Ali, ASP (HQ) Nanded to be ASP Sub Division Beed.

Transfer / Posting in ASP cadre....Mumbai Region.

Following Officers adhoc promotion / posting in ASP cadre and transfer and posting orders are issued by RO Mumbai vide memo No. MR/STA/6-8/AA/2011 dated 19/1/2012.

(A) Promotion / Posting :

1. Shri R.  M. Topare, SDI (P), Mangaon Sub Division designated IP Mumbai City North East Division to be PM (HSG-I), Panvel HO against vacant post.
2. Smt. S. S. Mithagri, IP (PG) Mumbai City South Division to be ASP (BD) Navi Mumbai Division against Shri J. T. Ramteke transferred.
3. Smt. P. P. Pednekar, IP (PG) Mumbai City West Division to be ASP _ II Mumbai City North Division vice Shri V. V. Nayak transferred.
4. Smt. V. K. Shanti, SDI Mumbai City North East Division to be ASP (T) Thane Central Division against vacant post.
5. Shri A. R. Vardekar, CI, Mumbai City East Division to be ASP (PG.Inv) Mumbai GPO against vacant post.
6. Shri D. T. Phanse, SDI (P) Virar Sub Division to be ASP Palghar Sub Division against vacant post.
7. Smt. A. V. Kavathankar, SDI (P) Mumbai City North Division to SPM (IP Line) Mandvi PO against vacant post.

(B) Transfer / Posting :

1. Shri J. T. Ramteke, ASP (BD) Navi Mumbai Division to be ASP (HQ) Mumbai City North East Division against vacant post.
2. Shri V.V. Nayak, ASP-II, Mumbai City North Division to ASP (HQ) Mumbai City North Division against vacant post

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