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1.sir as described job of a postmaster is good and secure(chargesheet can be issued without any reason,) pretty good as on inspection Murga and Daru is to be served to aspos/sspo's, pretty good on a bogus complaint chargesheet u/r 14/16 can be issued, preety good a State Govt Group D drawing more pay than a HSG 1 postmaster, now please stop kidding and making joke of poor postmaster.For more Info please watch movie 3 Idiots and guess what is the condition of Postmaster

 2.postmaster--job description ok.. get good salary?... i dont think so.. less than the equally service PA... is it not..
posted in remote area.. no HRA.. no split duty allowance.. no chance to appear for Sr. PM or Gr. B officiating chance.. though all HSG I and PM Gr.III posts are vacant.. no promotion in the prescribed period..if it was given.. all the officials who have passed LSG in 2004 would be in PM Gr.III post by this time.. it is seems the postmaster cadre is cursed one... we are not at treated is almost in every postmaster's--exam passed officials mind...
3.HSG-I and PM GR.III posts are almost vacanct. the senior most officials of the office i.e. The BCR(!?!?!) officials work in that posts. But the PM GR.I and PM gr. II postmasters are not permitted to offciate in that posts stating that they are not yet completed the required period of qualification... are postmasters the so called new cadre are treated well?

4.Nowdays rules & regulations are not working infront of administration. Becoming sincere postmaster will not work out he has to put his skills & should give a beautiful colour to his work with proporationate figures & also should look out his surronding policts , caste ,etc etc etc,

 5.ys u r right. u should go with admn without any qn, do adjust with the officer in charge of postings, even ready to kneel down to his feet then u will get post in the same office even till retirement. they will even create post by diversion and make u sit in the same office.. u should be ready to adjust in all the way.. need not worry about ur work efficiency, seniority, etch...apart from this political background, caste etc etc alone works out... not ur capability...

6.the current postmasters are set as gud example for the PAs for not to appear for the postmaster exam at all. they prefer to work as pa with all ACP I, ACP II, ACP iii... with corporate rate HRA...full salary, less responsibility..leave facility etc... so happy. poor postmaster who have opted... the fate works

7.really a good carved cadre but without having any benefits (monetary) havaing more responsibilities.
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I wish to share something with you........

The article of Job description of Post Master is the correct one, but it is not positively utilised by the officers.  When the Postmasters are taught to be a team leader to achieve the goal of the department in the training centres.....  the Officers are taught how to put burden on the head of the Postmaster by giving full responsibility of  the work performed by his whole office. The clerical staff are also under the displinary control of the officers but  they  fix  responsibility only on the Postmaster. If any Postmaster take action against a irregular official, the officers come for their rescue by threatening the Postmasters. They take the confidence of the clerical staff and start to harass the Postmasters as they could not encounter them directly as they are equally know the rules, regulations and the office procedures.
My dear friends, the salary and other financial benefits can be get from the department  from the pay commission.....but the lost confidence could not be gained.......... one Postmaster come out from a training centre is very much confident to do a lot of things in his office. But ,discouraged by the bureaucracy and the self centred groups.....who will rescue the Postmaster. The Cadre is now wandering  like an orphan because the creators are not caring about it.
Don’t serve Murga and n’t give space  for chargesheet........write what ever as per the rules..... establish the compliant  is bogus, ready for the difference in any Post office......... read the RR rules.........irregular posting should be protested at once..........All are approved  and established.............don’t fear......... be bold enough to encounter..... ask them to fill up the GR II and GRIII......... always remember that WE ARE THE OFFICE INCHARGE.........MAKE IT LIKE A CAGE .............NO ONE CAN ROAR AT YOUR PLACE..........CHANGE THE TRADITION..........

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