Job Description Of Postmaster In Post Office

Job Description Of Postmaster In Post Office



Post office delivers thousands of mail every day to homes. It has so many employees to perform this service and have step by step process to deliver the mail. Postmaster is the highest ranked officer of the post office and other persons work under him.

Work of post master is to control the operation of an individual post office. He supervises the function of a unit and workers. At small post office he may have to participate in daily activities of branch. He acts as manager, so performance of workers is evaluated by him. He also makes work schedules for the workers. Work of postal employees is to process incoming and outgoing mails and to sell postal products like stamps or money orders to the customers. All this work is managed by postmaster to ensure that the customer gets satisfactory service.

Other duties of a post master are to hire and train the workers in post office according to the rules and policies. He gives information about new postal service and resolves any complaints by the customer. He also makes reports on the basis of daily activities of the post office.

To complete this work properly a postmaster must have some special skills. He must have ability to communicate in written or verbal form with employees working under him and with his superiors. He must have good computer skills to prepare reports. He also needed to have leadership skills to supervise the postal workers. He should also have problem solving skills to solve the problems of customers.

To become a postmaster you have to clear an exam or you can become a postmaster by getting promotion from the post of clerk. Postmasters get good salary and also get benefits of health insurance and pension.

So, the job of postmaster is pretty good and secure and you have to fight to get this opportunity.

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