Varanasi,Feb16,2012: The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has prescribed procedure to be followed for processing of files referred to it for advice / clarification as per the OM dated August 13, 2010.
To avoid delays due to references needing last minute clarification or without prescribed procedure, DoPT has placed revised instructions on its website–
It is reiterated that all Ministries / Departments are to follow the prescribed procedure for the files relating to the court cases as well. The referring note from concerned Departments/ Ministries is to include –
i) brief history and fact of the case;
(ii) relief sought by petitioner / applicant;
(iii) earlier advice/ opinion of DoPT / DOLA in the matter;
iv) stand taken by the Department in the Court/CAT;
(v) opinion of the Government Counsel on the Court/CAT order;
(vi) operative part of the judgement /direction;
(vii) action proposed to be taken by the Department; and
(viii) present rule position and specific point on which advice/opinion of DoPT is sought.
Kindly follow the DOPT OM No. 20034 / 2 / 2010 – Estt. (D) dated November 30,2011 which is placed below.
Click here for DOPT OM No. 20034 / 2 / 2010 – Estt. (D) dated November 2011

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