Revision of Interest Rates and Various Changes in SB rulings

1. Even after running the ‘MoF_RateChange.exe’ patch, the software shows wrong maturity date for MIS and NSC 5 Year Issue.
The maturity date shown in the software will continue to show the older maturity period and will not affect any present activity and hence you can ignore the maturity date displayed in the software. As per the SB order No 23/2011 the certificates needs to be stamped and signed by the Postmaster before being given to the customer.2. What is the procedure to follow for allotting registration number for the NSC issue after the implementation of the new SB orders?
For NSC 5 Year issue the previous block of registration number allotted for NSC 6 Year issue should be continued without break. For the new NSC 10 Year issue, a new block of registration number is to be allotted. At present, NSC 10 Year issue is to be handled manually and is NOT available in the Sanchay Post software.

3. What is the procedure to follow for return of KVP stock and for issue of duplicate KVP?
A report is provided in DBAnalyzer (dated 02/12/2011) under Database Discrepancies >> KVP >> KVP Stock to list the KVP unsold stock from the Sanchay Post database. This report can be printed at each office and sent to HO along with the stock. These reports should be consolidated at HO while returning the stock to CSD.
A provision to make the stock ‘NIL’ will be provided later.

4. Should some stock for issue of duplicate KVP be retained at the HO while sending unsold stock to CSD?
No, all the stock of unsold should be returned to CSD.5. Is the new rate of one percent deduction on the rate specified applicable for TD PMC for TD accounts opened before 01/12/2011?
Yes, the new rate of TD PMC is applicable for all TD accounts opened before or after 01/12/2011, but prematurely closed on or after 01/12/2011.

Courtesy :SDC, Chennai

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