It is human nature to try to achieve a better state of being than in which we currently are, in all spheres of life. We all aspire, and indeed, we should aspire, to rise in position and designation, in line with our age and experience. Many of our customs and traditions celebrate such transitions from a lower to a higher, more desirable position in life.
These higher positions give us authority to make important decisions and give us access to desirable resources that we did not have before. We have the opportunity to influence, motivate and inspire others. They open up new opportunities, and enable us to gain new skills. They give us status and prestige in society. It is no wonder that people in these positions are envied. They are always in the limelight, seen as role-models.

Leadership is thus seen as the ultimate honour. But while we consider the benefits of Leadership, it is also essential that we appreciate everything else that the position entails. The attached weekstarter offers us a glimpse into the world of a Leader.

Welcome and have a great week ahead.

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