A famous experiment in psychology showed that on an average, each person on the planet is connected to every other person by only six people in between them. While this is amazing on its own, what it implies is of even more interest.
One meaning we can derive is that it truly is a small world. If we really are so easily connected to others our lives seem more filled with warmth. It gives us a sense of safety, and security, a sense that we are not alone in this world and that a helping hand is not far away.

Another meaning that can be derived is that we ourselves are a support system for those around us. There are many who depend on us the way we depend upon them. We therefore are responsible to them in that sense.

A third meaning is, of course, that if we are all so interconnected, then something that affects those around us, will also affect us. The extent to which we are affected may vary, depending on the strength and closeness of the relationship, but the effect will be there. Like the web of a spider, we can feel the vibrations that come from its farthest corners.

 The web of life is a delicate one.

 Welcome and have a great week.

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