Knowledge or Wisdom

This is an age of information and there is no dearth of it, Google is one such example. Moment to moment we are bombarded with lots and lots of information from the media while it’s the wisdom that’s a rarity. It needs a greater mind control to escape from this bombardment and zero in on what’s meaningful to us.

While information is available all over, gross minds cannot understand higher meaning or the relationship among diverse information.  It can only look at the very base and literal meaning of an information.  A humourous quote says “When a pick pocket meets a Swamiji, he first looks at the pocket of the Swamiji!” That’s the level of his mental evolution.  For all of us receiving information and making the right decision is really important. The results of an inappropriate usage of information can be quite dangerous at times.

The attached weekstarter brings out the difference between knowledge and wisdom through an episode from our mythology. Who else can it be from? 

We wish you all a great week of wisdom

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