1. Sunday and other post office holiday Night post office will be done

a) Booking of the Regd article, including VP article

b) Sell postage stamps

c) SB transaction only

d) Above A&B only Ans:d(2/1)

2. Memorandum distribution of work ( MS-11) is issued by

a) Head Post Master b) Inspector of Post

b) Senior Supdt of post office d) Divisional Supdt Ans:d(4)

3. Mark the correct option

a) A nominal roll is a record of Postal Assistant actually at work in a post office on any given day maintained in form MS-12

b) The nominal roll should be written up by the postmaster

c) A nominal roll on similar lines may also be maintained for postman and village postman in offices where their strength is more than 25

d) All the above Ans:d(4)

4. Attendance register in form S-37 will maintained by

a) Every post office b) Only Head post office

c) Every PO having more than one clerk d) All the above Ans:c(4a)

5. Village sorting list in form M-52 will be prepared and supplied to each office by

a) Divisional Superintendent b) Sub divisional inspector

c) Sub Post Master d) Head postmaster Ans:b(5)

6. A rout list in form M-53 is issued by______ to_________

a) Divisional Supdt , Postman b) Postmaster , Postman

c) Sub divisional inspector, village postman c) None of these Ans:c(5)

7. The village sorting list once in a month should be examined by

a) Sub divisional inspector b) Supdt of postoffice

c) Sub account assistant d) Postmaster Ans:c(5)

8. The yearly village return MS-88 in the month of ____ of each year should be kept by ______showing the number of articles of all sorts received for delivery in each village within the jurisdiction of the office . As soon as the compilation is over, it should be totaled, signed by__________and forwarded to __________.

a) Village postman, Mar, sub divisional inspector , Supdt of post office

b) Accountant, Feb, postmaster, head of the circle

c) Sub account assistant, Feb, Postmaster, divisional inspector

d) None of these Ans:c(6)

9. MO Oblong stamp and insurance stamp should be keep in custody of

a) Money order PA b) Parcel PA

c) Sub Account assistant d) Postmaster Ans:d(21)

10. Head of the Circle’s circulars are ordinarily issued by head of the circle once in a

a) Year b) Half year

c) Month c) Quarter Ans:c(24)

11. Any information received by the officer of the department officially should not be made public but this restrictions are however not applicable to

a) Competent court of law b) District magistrate

c) Commissioner of Police or District SP d) All the above Ans:d(17)

12. Leather cash bag should be used when the amount of currency notes exceeds Rs

a) 5000 b) 10000

c) 500 d) 1000 Ans:c(27)

13. Preservation period of stack book of post office is

a) 20 Years b) 10 Years

c) 5 Year s d) 3 Year s Ans:b(25)

14. Preservation period of Nominal Roll

a) 10 Years b) 20 Years

c) 30 Years d) Permanent Ans:d(25)

15. The following records may not be destroyed without the special permission of the Head of the Circle

a) Post office order book

b) Register of undeliverable pass books in deposit in the head office

c) Post office certificate ledger

d) Correspondence regarding which enquiry in progress or connected with the cases which have not been fully decided or closed

e) All the above Ans: e(25)

16. Mark the correct option remittances sent by post

a) When a remittance is to be sent by post, the money should be placed in Leather cash bag and cash sealed by treasure.

b) The remittance advice and acknowledgement dispatch inside of Regd bag.

c) When remittances is to be sent in charge of a special carrier, the amount should be made over to the carrier and he should be required to grant a receipt for the same in treasurer cash book.

d) All the above Ans:d(28)

17. The loss of identity card should immediately be notified by ______in his ______

a) Postmaster, daily dairy b) Inspector, daily dairy

c) Head of the circle, circular d) None of these Ans:c(32)

18. The annual fee of business reply card should be realized in advance and credited to

a) Postmaster Account b) UCP

c) UCR d) None of these Ans:c(32)

19. Mark the correct option relating to the VP article found in letter box

a) The sorting clerk should after noting the irregularity in error book(MS-2) show the article to the PM and make it over to Regn/Parcel clerk

b) If the article is fully prepaid with postage, registration fee and VPP and is accompanied by the prescribed form duly filled up it should be disposed of as if presented at the window

c) The receipt for the sender being handed over to sorting clerk and pasted him in error book

d) All the above Ans:d(33)

20. ___________ must, from time to time examine the registers (MS-85) and visit books (MS-86) of the village postmen attached to his office

a) Head record officer b) Inspector of post office

c) Postmaster d) None of these Ans:c(39)

21. The memorandum and statistical register (MS 14 a) are prepared by____ on the ____ and the statistical memorandum should be submitted to _____on the 10th of the each month counter signed by______

a) Postmaster, 1st of the each month, head of the circle, divisional inspector

b) MO PA, 1st of the each month, head of the circle, divisional inspector

c) Regn/Parcel PA, 1st of the each month, Head of the circle, postmaster

d) None of these Ans:d(41)

22. On the _____ of the each month a statement of cases pending at the end of the preceding month should be prepared by_____ inform______in duplicate by meant of carbonic paper, the top copy being retained for office record and the lower copy being submitted to the ____as the statement of complaint.

a) 5th , divisional inspector, Cpt-3, Head of the circle

b) 1st , First class postmaster, Cpt-3, Supdt of post office

c) 10th , HRO, Cpt3, Head of the circle

d) None of these Ans:b(48)

23. Suggestions complaint book (MS-94) will be kept by

a) Head Post officers b) Sub Post offices

c) RMS officer d) All post officers Ans:d(48b)

24. The book of information is maintained in ______ . The book should be kept up to date and retained by _____ in his personal custody.

a) Each Head office, Postmaster b) Each branch officer, BPM

c) Each HO and SO, PM/SPM d) None of these Ans:c(48c)

25. Service books and service rolls in _______ the ________ is responsible for the safe custody

a) Divisional office, SP b) Divisional office , SSP

c) Head Offices, Head Post master d) None of these Ans:c(49)

26. When a VP article is delivered as ordinary registered article and the VP amount subsequently collected the amount should be taken to

a) MO issue and VPMO issued

b) To UCR and the amount paid to the sender charging under UCP

c) To UCR and VPMO issued by per-contra charge to UCP

d) Amount sent by service MO to the sender Ans:c(227a)


27. A VP articles on which intimation has been served an lying in the deposit for seven days can be retained

a) For further seven days without any fees

b) For further seven days on payment of fees

c) For fifteen days on payment of fees

d) Cannot be retained return to sender after 7 days Ans:b(231)

28. In case of refused/unclaimed VP articles the VPMO form should be

a) Returned back to sender

b) Destroyed

c) Filled in the office

d) Upper portion of MO form destroyed and lower portion with sender’s certificate to be filed Ans:d(232)

29. No redirection fee is charge on redirection of a parcel

a) If the revised address of the addressee is within the same delivery office

b) If the revised address of the addressee is within the same post town

c) If the parcel is returned to sender and if the sender resides in a different address within the delivery area of the office or within the same post town

d) All the above Ans:d(189)

30. The amount noted for remittance to sender of VP article

a) Can be altered free of cost at the request of the sender

b) Can be altered on payment of prescribed fee at the request of the sender

c) Can only recall the article

d) None of these Ans:a(210)

31. Postage stamps can be affixed to IPOs to made up broken amount on the condition

a) The no of stamp should not exceed 3

b) Amount should not exceed 4

c) Total value of IPO including the stamps affixed there in should not exceed 100

d) All the above Ans:d(188)

32. Unpaid postage abstract is a record in form______-which is to be maintained by every_____ and_______to record the _______of unpaid articles

a) MS-88, Account office, Circle account office, registered

b) ACG 45, Sub office and branch office, receipt

c) ACG 45 , Head office and sub office, receipt and dispatch

d) ACG 45, Account office, Head office, receipt and dispatch Ans:c

33. To availing registered journals facility at least ____ regd articles has to be booked monthly

a) 150 b) 200

c) 250 d) 500 Ans:b

34 The sender of an inland regd article may obtain attested copy of the addressee’s receipt on application made to the Post office within_____ of the date on which the addressee signed the original receipt.

a) 3 months b) 4 months

c) 6 months d) One year Ans:c(185)

35. It will be ensured that the aggregate value of all the VP articles including article including customs duty articles entrusted to an EDDA does not exceed Rs ______

a) 8000/- b) 5000/-

c) 10000/- d) 20000/- Ans:a

36 Postmaster order book (MS-1) maintained in

a) All sub offices b) All Branch offices

c) All Head offices d) All the above Ans:c(50)

37. In PO when duties of Pas are combined, the combination permissible is

a) Money order & Treasury b) Sub account & mail

c) Delivery and Deposit d) Delivery and mail Ans:d(4)\

38. The customs duty due on letter/packets of the foreign letter/mail should be realized

a) And brought in to a separate head at the PO

b) In cash and credited under UCR

c) In cash and converted in to postage stamps affixed and defaced on receipts

d) Should be collected and sent to customs authorities directly Ans:a(1(3))

39. Business reply cards and envelops should be taxed

a) At the prepaid rate of postage

b) Twice the deficiency of the postage

c) At the prepaid rate of postage and handling charges.

d) At the twice the deficiency of postage and handling charges. Ans:c(32)

40. If an insufficiently prepaid VP article is found in a letter box, it should be

a) Returned to sender

b) Booked in the normal course and postage due is collected from the addressee

c) Booked in the normal course as a registered article

d) None of these Ans:a(33)

41. Loose account bags containing cash bags will be in the personal custody of the

a) Postmaster/Sub postmaster b) Sorting assistant

c) Sub Accounts assistant d) Treasurer Ans:d(67)

42. Transit bags means

a) Several bags intended for other offices received loose at the office

b) Bags to be kept in deposit at the office

c) Several bags intended to be dealt with the office enclosed in a bag addressed to the office

d) None of these Ans:c(33)

43. Redirection fee for redirecting parcels should be collected

a) In cash and credited in to account as such

b) In cash and credited under UCR head

c) Should be collected in the form of undefaced postage stamps

d) Should be affixed on the parcel in the form of postage stamps and defaced


44. Notice of hours of Business for PO/RMS offices should be supplied by

a) Head Post master b) Asst. Supd to PO

c) Postmaster General

d) Sr. Supdt of Pos/ Supdt. of Pos. of the division Ans:d(5)

45. Left India articles to be sent to RLO

a) At once b) One week

c) 15 days d) One month Ans:a

46. Time limit for requesting copy of address’s receipt of Regd articles

a) One month b) Two month

c) Three month d) Six month Ans:c

47. Notice of hours business for Branch office will be supplied by

a) The Divisional Supdt. b) The Head Postmaster

c) The account office d) Sub divisional Inspector Ans:d

48. Postal mails superscribed in “ On India Government Service” received for delivery

a) Containing both name and address of the officer to be delivered redirected according to official designation

b) Containing only the name to be delivered according to name of the addressee

c) Postal mails not bearing the superscription “ On India government Service” but contain name and designation of the officer., to be delivered redirected according to name

d) All the above Ans:d(10)

49. A letter delivered to an addressee can be reposted within the post town for redirection

a) After getting redirection fee b) After getting 50% of redirection fee

c) After collecting fee equal to postage d) Free of cost Ans:d(71)

50. When a VP article is redirected, intimation should be served to

a) Office of posting b) The addressee

c) The sender d) The concerned RMS Ans:a

51. Preliminary sorting of mails is done by

a) Mail Office b) Returned Letter Office

c) Post Office d) Head office Ans:c(84)

52. The postman returns undelivered unpaid articles to

a) Treasurer b) Deposit PA

c) The Postmaster d) Delivery PA Ans:c(123)

53. An article bearing “OIGS” addressed to the officer of Central Govt Service bearing his name & designation is delivered to

a) Name b) Designation

c) Incharge of the office d) None of these Ans:b(101)

54. To ascertain the punctual clearance of letter box, the postmaster

a) Post test letters b) Post trial Cards

c) Post test Cards d) All the above Ans:a(73)

55. Delivery beat list are prepared by

a) Sub Divisional Head b) Supdt of Post Office

c) Postmaster of concerned PO d) Head Postman of concerned beat


56. Window delivery tickets are meant for receiving

a) Regd/Unregistered mail at the window of the PO

b) Fully prepaid unregistered mails for the addressee across the window

c) Fully prepaid unregistered mail in a locked bag

d) All the above Ans:c(100)

57. In case of inward unpaid foreign mails, the article can be taxed

a) By any post office

b) by only the Head Post office

c) By the office of exchange in India

d) By the RMS office only Ans:c(115)

58. Accounts and branch office bags received in mail bags should be transferred to

a) The Sorting PA b) The sub account PA

c) The PM/SPM d) The treasurer Ans:d(106)

59. The unpaid station bundle addressed to the office should be

a) Opened by the delivery PA

b) Taken by the Postman for delivery

c) Made over, unopened , by the delivery PA, to the Postmaster

d) None of these Ans:c(108)

60. The paid unregistered article to be transferred to the deposit department at the time of delivery will comprise

a) Article to be redirected

b) Articles to be deposited

c) Articles the addresses of which are not known/articles with undecipherable and incomplete addresses/articles with fictitious address

d) All the above Ans:d(113)

61. Particulars of window delivery ticket issued should be entered in

a) Postmaster Order book

b) Postmaster Daily dairy

c) Register of window delivery tickets(MS 23)

d) All the above Ans:c(100)

62. Window delivery ticket prepared in form

a) MS 23 b) MS 22

c) MS 24 d) MS 11 Ans:c(100)

63. Post boxes and bags entitling the renders to receive delivery of all

a) Fully prepaid Parcels and VP parcels

b) Any letters

c) Fully prepaid unregistered letter, ILC, PC,

d) All the above Ans:c(100)

64. Beat instruction register prepared in form

a) MS 32 b) MS 31

c) MS 30 d) MS 24 Ans:a(102)

65. Book of addresses instructions is maintained by

a) Deposit Assistant b) Postmaster

c) Mail Assistant d) Sorting Assistant Ans:a(133)

66. Undelivered acknowledgement cards are to be destroyed after

a) 15 days b) One month

c) Three Months d) Four Months Ans:d(143)

67. If an article issued by RLO either for deliver to the addressees or to return to the sender cannot be delivered

a) It may be redirected whenever the revised address of the addressee/sender is not known the PO

b) It should be again returned to RLO

c) It should be burnt

d) It should be sent to the HPO for safe custody Ans:a(139)

68. Undelivered packets containing Registered Newspaper return to sender

a) On the same day b) After 7 days

c) After 15 days d) After one month Ans:b(143)

69. Permanent instructions are valid for

a) One year b) Two years

c) Three years d) Five years Ans:c(133)

70. Instructions regarding authorizing Post Office to pay money order to another person are valid for

a) One year b) Two years

c) Three years d) Five years Ans:c(133)

71. If the addressee of ordinary article is not traceable and address of the sender is not noted on the article

a) The article is kept in office undelivered

b) The beat postman tries to find out the addressee once again

c) The deposit PA forward it RLO after passing remark in red ink after keeping in deposit for 7 days

d) The article may be destroyed with permission of Postmaster / Sub postmaster .


72. An article for which notice of arrival has been tendered to the addressee, it

a) Can be redirected to a new address

b) Cannot be redirected to address elsewhere

c) Can be redirected on collection of specified fee

d) None of these Ans:b(131)

73. Unclaimed unregistered article marked ‘ Poste restante’ should be deposited of

a) Two months b) After 7 days

c) After 15 days d) After one month Ans:d(143)

74. I class foreign inward mail on redirections are eligible for free redirection

a) Up to the new address b) Within India

c) Not eligible for air transmission d) Cannot be redirected Ans:b(137)

75. Instruction slip means

a) Letter of instruction received for public

b) Instruction given by the postmaster to his subordinates

c) A document in which gist of instruction in connection with delivery / redirection of postal article from public are communicated to departments

d) None of these Ans:c(134)

76. If an unpaid article sent to BO is returned as undelivered the article will be

a) Returned to sender after deducting the amount of postage from the cash and stamp balance of BO

b) Returned to sender after deducting the amount of postage from cash and stamp of the SO

c) Returned to sender after simply taking suitable entry in unpaid postage account in BO

d) Returned to sender simply as ordinary letter Ans:c(130)

77. All article of correspondence originally received for delivery in India by foreign post may be redirected to revised address

a) Only within India

b) Only to foreign countries served by foreign post

c) Any place served by India post or any country or place served by foreign post

d) To be returned to RLO Ans:c(137)

78. If an addressee of a Regd letter on signing in delivery slip refuses to sign in acknowledgement

a) The article should be returned undelivered

b) An application to be obtained from the addressee to this effect

c) A witness to be obtained to this effect

d) A remarks regarding refusal should be written on the acknowledgment and the article should be delivered Ans:d(117)

79. The official who initials in the postman book in token of receipt on RL acknowledgments is

a) Registration PA b) Postmaster

c) Treasurer d) Mails PA Ans:a(183)

80. Parcels weighing above 10 KG should be

a) Delivered only at the post office b) Returned to sender

c) Delivered through the bean Postman d) Taxed Ans:a(180)

81. VP article can be kept in deposit from the date of intimation

a) For 14 days b) 7 days

c) 1 Months d) None of these Ans:b(231)

82. An unclaimed VP article should be returned to the sender

a) After 7 days b) After 10 days

c) After 15 days d) After one month Ans:a(231)

83. Fee to be collected when a regd parcel is redirected to the neighboring Distrust is

a) Nil

b) Half rate

c) Amount of postage prepaid on the parcel

d) Half the rate excluding the registration charge Ans:d(199)

84. VP article received for delivery without VPMO form

a) Article will be returned to the sender immediately

b) Article will be returned to RLO

c) MO form will be filled in with reference to the entries available on the article and the article will be sent out for delivery

d) Article will be kept in deposit till receipt of VPMO form Ans:c(227)

85. Unclaimed articles of letter mail with remarks ‘not known’ and ‘left’ are returned to sender

a) After 7 days b) After 10 days

c) After 15 days d) After one month Ans:a(143)

86. Insured articles addressed to minor may be delivered to

a) The minor to whom addressed

b) It may be delivered to the neighbors

c) No delivery of insured article be made

d) The minor in the presence of person who take care of the minor Ans:d(204)

87. Limit of insured articles that can be entrusted to a postman for deliver in his beat is

a) Up to Rs 250/- b) Up to Rs 600/-

c) Up to Rs 500/- d) Up to Rs 5000/- Ans:c(202)

88. Parcel may be detained in the office of delivery after serving intimation up to a

a) 8 days b) 15 days

c) 7 days d) May be return to sender Ans:c(191)

89. The charges to be collected when a registred letter already delivered is presented with a revised address for registration.

a) Cannot be registered

b) Fresh postage and registration charges to be paid

c) Postage alone to be collected

d) Fresh registration fee is to be collected Ans:d(171)

90. An attested copy of addressee’s receipt of registered article, if applied by sender

a) Can be given free of cost

b) Cannot be given

c) Can be given on payment of registration fee in cash

d) Can be given on payment of prescribed fees in the form of defaced postage stamps Ans:d(185)

91. If the addressee of inward foreign parcel is aggrieved on the customs duty imposed on the article, it

a) Should be taken delivery by the addressee and referred to customs authorities

b) Has no option except to take delivery or refuse to take delivery

c) Can request for return of the article to the customs for reassessment

d) None of these Ans:c(182)

92. Redirection fee due on refused inland parcel on redelivery to sender

a) Can be cancelled without any restriction.

b) Can be cancelled

c) Can be cancelled when delivered at the office of issue/at the same post town

d) None of these Ans:c(191)

93. Refused foreign registered articles of letter mail

a) Should be disposed in the same manner of inland registered letter mail

b) Should be sent to the foreign office of exchange

c) Should be sent to RLO though the PO at the HQ of the circle

d) None of these Ans:c(191)

94. Acknowledgement card attached to an unclaimed/returned registered article for redelivery to sender should be

a) Delivered back to sender along with article

b) Filled along with delivery slips

c) Destroyed

d) None of these Ans:c(192)

95. Inward foreign parcels on which intimation served can be kept in deposit at the PO for

a) 15 days b) 7 days

c) One month d) Two month Ans:a(193)

96. Insured bags/insured bundles received must be opened

a) By the treasurer in the presence of Postmaster

b) By the registration PA

c) By the Postmaster

d) By the registration PA in the presence of the Postmaster Ans:d(137)

97. For foreign insured articles acknowledgements

a) Cannot be obtained b) Given free of charge

c) Special fee will be collected d) None of these Ans:c(198)

98. In the case of VPMOs issued at the office of delivery of the VP article, the MO receipt

a) Will be retained in the book of MO receipt.

b) Will be detached an sent to office of posting

c) The receipt will be given to the addressee of the article

d) Will be pasted to the corresponding VP receipt book Ans:d(227)

99. The value of a single VPMO should not exceed Rs

a) 500/- b) 2000/-

c) 5000/- d) No limit Ans:c(226)

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