Transfer / Positng in IP cadre /GR b ....

Transfer / Positng in IP cadre ....Mumbai Region.

Shri Bharat W. Solgaonkar, SDI (P) Nandura Sub Division (Buldhana Div) transferred and posted as SDI (P)-II, Mumbai City North West Division, Mumbai.

Transfer / Posting in PS Gr. B cadre.....Nagpur Region.

1. Shri M.S . Bharadwaj, Supdt. PSD, Nagpur to be ADPS, o/o PMG, Nagpur.

2. Shri M. M. Tople, ASP, West Sub division Nagpur City Division promoted and posted as Supdt. PSD, Nagpur.

Transfer / Posting in ASP cadre ....Nagpur Region

Shri N. K. Kshirsagar, ASP, MBC, Nagpur transferred and posted as ASP (HQ) Buldhana Division.


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