Dear Postmaster,

It is astonishing to see the support from all most all circles to form a Centralised Guild of Postmaster to represent our own grievances to the Directorate.   It is proposed to hold again  a meeting of Guild of Postmasters Maharashtra ON 19TH AUGUST 2012.  The venue will be intimated in this blog.

In the meantime, the Divisional coordinators in Maharshtra circle should meet all the Postmaster members to collect the consent letter (from those who are not submitted) and submit  the same to the Circle representative  at the time of meeting on 19th August 2012.  Also conduct divisional get together to discuss the working difficulties and solution on service matters according to the convenient day and time fixed.  And decide to send at least one representative to the Circle level meet to represent  your division/region etc.  Of course, along with that the prescribed fund should be raised to make the event and other process a grand success.

Best wishes to all,

 Ganesh Sable

Co ordinator,Maharashtra Circle

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