The way we look at life is subjective. There are those who look atlife and its various experiences as fearful. They go through life sticking to the beaten path, avoidant of anything new or different from their world view. Their range of experience is narrow and they look for excuses to remain in their area of comfort. A second group looks at life as a series of challenges to be overcome. This second group may be aggressive. They approachlife with a view to resolving it. They miss the excitement and fun in the journey, in their desire to reach the destination.  

Finally, there are others who seelife as a series of opportunities. This third category of people are the kind that rise to respected positions and achieve success. They welcome change and are open to experience. Due to their wide range of experiences, they are knowledgeable and skilled. Therefore, they are much sought after.

What is it that sets this final type of people apart from the rest? Is it some aspect of their personality? Is it something they are born with? Or is it the result of something they believe?

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