Consumer price inflation zooms to 10.22 per cent in April 1212

New Delhi, May31, 2012(PIB): Consumer price inflation for industrial workers (CPI-IW) in the country hit double digit at 10.22 per cent in April 2012 against 8.65 per cent in March 2012, on the back of rising food prices.

The point-to-point inflation rate based on CPI-IW stood at 10.22 per cent in April 2012, compared to 8.65 per cent in March 2012 while inflation based on the food index hit a high of 10.66 per cent in April against 8.16 per cent in March 2012.

The all India consumer price index number for industrial workers (CPI-IW) having its base 2001=100 increased by 4 points and stood at 205 in April 2012.

During April 2012, the index recorded the maximum increase of 9 points in Amritsar centre, 8 points each in Jaipur, Madurai and Vadodara centres, 7 points each in Mundakkayam, Bhilwara and Faridabad centres, 6 points in seven centres, 5 points in 11 centres, 4 points in 15 centres, 3 points in 16 centres, 2 points in 7 centres and 1 point in 10 centres.

Accordingly. The Govt may hike up more D.A. from July,2012 on the basis price index of this month.

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