dear postmaster a word with you


This gives me immense pleasure to communicate with you through this mass media to discuss about a cadre that we opted and selected through competitive departmental exams on the basis of firmly constructed recruitment rules which is published in the official gazette even though our path and the destination is not clear.

There was some confidence among us when the order of creation of Postmaster cadre was issued by the department. We saw rays of hope in the construction of RR published in the gazette. In the gazette even method of ad hoc posting is also envisaged.

You may noticed that from the postings by some bloggers who are representing Mass and their pressure the Department started to issue many orders which are against the Postmasters in the name of clarificatory orders but actually the original order was very clear on which basis only the confident officials given options and appeared for tough COMPETITIVE

The department also do not want to lose the quality staff who can manage as an in charge of an operative unit. So instead of protecting the eligible Postmasters, department nailed on the Postmasters not to move from their cadre by not allowing them to appear the LDCE for promotion to IPs and Group B, declining promotion and kept mum.

The divisional administrations come to know that these cadre officials are orphaned by the department. So no one will question us in case of any severity, partiality shown against these postmaster and started to harass them by pulling out clerical strength from that office and applying strict rules and regulations on them whereas the counterparts managing in the general line offices are seen softly and forgiven. The postmaster cadre officials are also asked to work at counter and share their clerical work as that is requirement of that movement.

The federated unions are also taken several issues related with the Postmaster cadre officials up to some extent. They can take up the issue only by comparing with the equal ant cadre in general line that is HSGI/II and LSG. But according to our work experience as an office in charge, we all may come in to one conclusion that comparing with general line Postmasters:

1.  Expectation of the administration from us is more.

2.  The responsibility on our job lasts up to 20 to 30 years.

3.  The work on the computer environment gives more comfortable but as the same time very risky without vigilant supervision which is not expected from the general line

4.  The punishment are reduced on their age but in Postmaster cadre an official is charge sheeted and held up his increment for 18 months for one day delay of speed post article.

We can list out many of such things. If anyone wishes to share their experience they can also comment on this and will be published in this blog.

So in short, to establish the uniqueness of the cadre and representing Directorate for our own grievances we should be united and ask for the justice to uphold the prestige of this Post.

I have compiled some questions that are to be asked to the department when we represent through our own association:

1.  Postmaster cadre is blessed or cursed?

2.  Why the LDCE are deprived for Postmaster cadre officials. Is department is going to give any uniqueness to this cadre in cadre restructuring?

3.  This is the first time in history in a Central Government department where Juniors are given ad hoc promotion and seniors are deprived the same for the reason  that they opted one new cadre which is created and floated by department by itself.

4.  What are the damage control steps the department is going to take? Is this is justice on the Central Government employee who have full faith on the Governmental rules and laws and given option to hold a post with highest responsibility without any special compensation.

5.  “Why this koli veri” on the Postmasters of India post who is holding highest responsible post in the operative unit which is the back bone of the department.

If you have any other questions in other angle you can also suggest me. To solve all the above puzzles we should united and represented on our own. Our brothers could not understand our mental and physical state at this movement.

Therefore it is high time to unite and represent

Best Wishes,

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  1. Omkar Chandrakant Kulkarni27 July 2012 at 15:28

    Its very urgent to sue the department for not allowing PM Grade Officials from all kinds of LDCE. Further, when the Cadre is carved out form LSG Posts, why the cadre officles are deprived of the LSG Pay Band of GR Pay 4200/-.
    I think if it possible for department to change the aforesaid situations, then only to work in the cadre is satisfactory. Otherwise, the dept should wind up the cadre and give all the cadre officials reversion to past cadres... with same pay the are having the pm grade cadre as all are selected on theier mental ability and tests which makes their right to continue in the higher pay even though the cadre is widded out.

  2. Omkar Kulkarni27 July 2012 at 18:07

    If PM Cadre is to be deprived of LDCE for IP or PSS Group B, then SR Post Master Cadre must be only for PM Cadre. It doesn't meant that it should be filled through seniority from all General Line Officials. There should be 50% quota for LDCE to be conducted among PM Grade I, II and III Officials and 50% quota to be filled through promotion of PM Grade I, II and III officials based on the Circle Gradation List.

    Further, in many other Central and State Govt Departments the office Incharge Cadres are Gazetted. Same principle should be followed by the Department of Posts also. The office incharges of LSG, HSG II (PM Grade I and II) should be Gazetted Gr B(Class II), And the HSG I and Sr PM should be Gazetted Gr A (Class I) so that they have some administrative powers to be influenced as and when necessary.

  3. We are thinking about pramotions . But my friend I am struggling for existance. Divisional Head giving cheap treatment to our cadre . There is no powers to you . you will dance as per his oral as well as written orders .Dont expect staff as per saction stregth .Give required output from available staff .Dont raise staff problems . Dont talk against Divisional head or aspos otherwise you will be charge sheeted under disobeydiance.I got charge sheet under disobey of deputation order . I had relieved one hand 2 days late on deputaion ( on availability of staff ).Eventhough I am fighting with admin staff and enjoing the cadre.

  4. I am requsting to our Mumbai Postmaster's please wait for formation of association . Because we are very few let some more exams be finished . Then we will get sufficient number of candidates to fight with admin. Now pl continue with regular trade union .