Minutes of Successful Postmaster Cadre Meeting at Madurai on 15.07.2012


Minutes of Successful Postmaster Cadre Meeting at Madurai on 15.07.2012


First of all, we sincerely thank to the officers of the Department of Post for their trust in Postmaster Cadre to meet the challenges from private players, and meet the changed scenario wake of Introduction of technology and upcoming projects like India Post 2012, CBS, Postal Bank of India by the Government of India. After creation of Postmaster cadre, Postmaster cadre offices are managing and lead the Postmaster cadre identified offices beyond expectations and department also personally satisfied with the performance of postmaster cadre. As a result all the new schemes training schedules preferred the postmaster cadre officials. Even though in acute shortage as a front runner of DOP, PM cadre officers are running the office without any pending and a role model to other offices.

Vide Directorate Letter number 8/15/2011-SR(ATR) submitted before the hunger strike of JCA, vide para 18 and 19, department is now willing to hear the opinion of opted Postmaster cadre officials to set right the disparity of Postmaster Cadre.
In Southern Region of Tamilnadu Circle, the Regional Level informal Postmaster Cadre officials meeting was held at Tallakulam, Madurai 625002 on 15.07.2012.

Meeting was presided by the Senior PM Cadre comrades viz.,
1. Shri Chandrasekaran PM Grade II Theni M.D.G
2. Shri S. Venkateswaran PM Grade II, Neyyoor S.O
3. Shri Rajaselvam PM Grade II, Gandhinagar S.O
4. Shri Edward, PM Grade I, Kayalpattinam.

Despite of distance and family commitments, 35 Southern Region, Tamilnadu circle Postmaster cadre Members were attended and recorded their views and suggestions on Postmaster Cadre. The Four PM Comrades from the other than Southern Region also attended this grand occasion enthusiastically.

In the Meeting the following general conclusions derived from the PM cadre officials and the following Co ordination members are appointed in southern Region to promote the event to the next stage.

Coordinators in Southern Region
1. Shri. Rajuselvam PM Gr II for Madurai Division
2. Shri. Chandrasekar PM Gr II, for Theni division
3. Shri. Edward PM Gr I, for Tuticorin Division
4. Shri. Premkumar PM Gr I, For Ramnad division
5. Shri Justin Jose, PM Gr I, Nagercoil division
6. Shri Sankar PM Gr I, Dindigul Division,
7. Shri Chandru PM Gr I, Tirunelveli division


1. Since PM Grade II is non gazetted Group B cadre, PM Gr II officials couldn’t continue the present Group C Trade Union membership in NFPE/FNPO after getting PM Grade II. So the separate forum for postmaster cadre is unavoidable and necessary too.

2. To Maintain the unity of Trade unions and dont want to dilute the struggles and demands of trade unions, it is decided to propose to a separate PM cadre wing should be added with the existing wing like P3, P4, R3, R4, GDS, SBCO with the trade unions.

3. If trade unions are not at all willing to form a separate wing, then recognized all India Postmaster Cadre association should be constituted.

4. Up to 4th CPC LSG/ IP cadre was getting the same pay, so the same may be considered in the 7th CPC until that since responsibilities and expectations from the postmaster cadre is sky high. Monthly supervisory allowance of 10% in Basic Pay + GP may kindly be sanctioned.

5. Since minimum qualifying service is required to fill the PM Gr II, III many of the PM cadre posts are lying vacant and managed by senior Postal Assistants/LSG officials. If so Purpose of creating separate PM cadre is nullified. So 6 years Minimum qualifying services to get PM Gr II, and 5 years Minimum qualifying services to get PM Grade III should be abolished to efficient functioning of DOP.

6. In of PM cadre recruitment rules it was mentioned that further promotions of postmaster cadre shall be in the same hierarchy that means, PM Cadre opted officials should not claim the adhoc promotion of HSG II/ I. For the purpose only phrase of “same hierarchy” was mentioned. But Nowadays, without mentioning in recruitment rules that PM Cadre officials are not eligible to departmental Exam, PM Cadre officials are barred from appearing in Limited department of competitive exams like IP/PS GrB which is total injustice to the Postmaster cadre. So PM cadre officials should be allowed to appear in all LDCEs.

7. If department stated that PM cadre and IP/ PS Group B is separate streamline and Postmaster cadre officials couldn’t claim the promotion rights in the above cadres then IP/ PS Gr B administrative officials may kindly barred from appearing in Sr. PM/ Chief PM postings. Upto Chief Postmaster Cadre, PM cadre officials only should be posted by the virtue of seniority.

8. Without vesting past glory of Unit office/ Sub appointing authority powers, creating separate cadre won’t solve the purpose of its creation, so previous administrative powers should be vested in addition with Preceeding officer administrative powers

9. To meet the day to day petty expenses and to maintain the office neat and tidy, Financial power of Rs 50 is not at all enough in the present scenario, so financial power should be upgraded to Rs500 to the Postmaster cadre officials to the effective functioning of the postoffice

10. As per the recruitment rules preamble, As a front runners and root level managers of department of posts all the office in-charge posts should be identified for PM Gr I, II, III in the cadre restructure and 1/3 ratio of PM cadre should be gradually raised to meet the requirement of modern scenario. All the POs above the LSG level should be identified as PM Grade office

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  1. All the above points are solid enough to settle the grievances faced by the PM Grade cadre. It is good to know that all circles are getting together for the formation of PM Grade association. soon an ALL INDIA MEETING must be held to form a separate association.