Transfer / Posting in ASP/GR B Cadre ... Pune Region.

Transfer / Posting in ASP Cadre ... Pune Region.

Following transfer / posting order in ASP cadre issued by RO Pune.

1. Smt. N. V. Kenjale, ASP TSO-II, Pune City West Div to be ASP (HQ) Pune City East Div.

2. Shri S. D. More, ASP (HQ), Pune City East Division to ASP, RO Pune.

3. Shri R. P. Ghumare, ASP, Pune MFL Div Shivajinagar to be ASP, Baramati Sub Division.

4. Shri Ramesh Awatade, ASP, Air Mail Stg. Div to be ASP (HQ) Pandharpur Division.

5. Shri P. E. Bhosale, ASP, Baramati Sub Division to be ASP, Pune MFL Div Shivajinagar.

Transfer / Posting in PS Gr. B cadre...Pune Region.

RO Pune has issued following transfer / posting orders in PS Gr. B cadre.

1. Shri G. R. Katte, Sr. PM, Kalbadevi HO to be SPOs, Shrirampur Division.

2. Shri K. M. Kumtekar, SPOs, Shrirampur Division to be SPOs, Pandharpur Division.

3. Shri D. B. Shirke, Sr. PM, Pune HO to be Manager BDG, Pune RMS.

4. Shri H. J. Kakade, Manager BDG, Pune RMS to be Sr. PM, Pune HO.

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