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KO HUM or who am I? It is very simple yet strange question. Have you ever wondered who you really are as an office incharge “Postmaster”!!!!!!!!

The great sages and wise men say, , Koham (Ko Hum) or who am I is the practice of self investigation or self enquiry, whereby we will actually experience what “I” really is and the answer to that is Soham (So Hum) meaning,” I am “That  it is the true self-knowledge that we gain by practicing self-enquiry.

There are three opinions about a person commonly in the world;

1. Self opinion 2. Opinion of others   3.self assumption about other person’s opinion

So we should analysis the first point about self:

Postmaster cadre is created well planned with the future requirement of the department. We accepted the cadre either through exam or

Exercising option.  So there is no doubt that we are Postmasters and to take huge responsibility with or without knowledge on which point we will struck up.

The below link will lead you to the several orders on Postmaster cadre :

Do you know what are the duties of a Postmaster which are replied by the
Department to RTI queries.
Duties of Sub Post master :

o All personal duties of SPM as prescribed in various chapters of Postal Manuals. However, some of the important duties are as follows;

o Responsible for the maintenance of records and submission of due returns.

o Responsible to check the stamp advances and Franking Machine reading.

o Responsible for proper maintenance of all hardware and will maintain History sheet in respect of system/peripherals up to date.

o Personally responsible to handle server and ensure that no unauthorized person accesses server.

o Responsible to ensure that no unauthorized floppy/CDs are used in the system. He/she will facilitate Day Begin and Day End and

also allocate work among PAs. He/she will take periodic backup in respect of all modules. He/she will maintain a log book for recording of operation of server.

o Responsible to report any break down/problems in the systems to Divisional Head.

o Responsible to ensure that systems are not misused by any official.

o Responsible to judiciously use the consumables and maintain stock register for all consumables and ensure that adequate consumables are held in stock.

o Responsible for not to divulge the supervisor’s pass word to any body and ensure that supervisory functions are done by him/her.

o Personally responsible regarding maintenance of all statistical registers of various branches, safe custody of cash and stamps, correspondence,

various stocks and general supervision.

o Responsible to attend to references and enquiries, keep in custody of the complaints and suggestion book. Proper maintenance of various circulars.

Pasting of correction slips to various P & T Manuals and keep up to date.

o Personally responsible for submission of various monthly, quarterly and annual statements.

o Responsible to attend to bulk sale of stamps, treasury work with connected accounts matter and submitting daily accounts to Head post Office.

o Personally responsible to supervise closing of bags containing insured articles and keep them in his/her custody until their dispatch.

o Responsible to check stamp advances of the counter Postal Assistant daily.

o Responsible to attend to SB and cash certificate claim cases.

o Responsible to attend to acceptance of PLI premium/payment and connected transactions and maintenance of their schedules and records.

o Any other duty assigned from time to time.

(Till the date our designation is not changed as Postmaster grade I or II instead we addressed  as Sub Postmaster in all official correspondence

and giving reply on the RTI application.)
(to be continued)

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