a book by Shri.P. Karunanithy,ASP (HQ),Karaikudi Division, Karaikudi 630 003 - TN.
Mobile No. 094433 29681

Shri. P. Karunanithy, ASPOs, Madurai North Sub Division Madurai 625002 has written the book ‘USEFUL INFORMATION TO IPs/ASPOs’ and the book was published by the All India Association of Inspectors & ASPs, Tamilnadu Circle. This book was supplied to all IPs/ASPOs in Tamilnadu Circle free of cost and the cost was borne by the Association.

The author, having gained valuable experience at various capacities, utilized his experience in a better way by compiling these rules and procedures. In short, this work will remain as a complete guide on rules and procedures, which our cadre needs. It has to be treasured.

The book was got appreciation from the IPs/ASPOs in Tamilnadu Circle and Postal side trade union leaders. A complete study of fraud – a new subject is added to this book which is very useful guidance for IP/ASP.
This book will be supplied to the willing officials by registered post. It is requested that Rs. 80/- (Eighty only) being the cost of the book and registration charges may be remitted by Money order to ‘Shri. T.Suresh, Flat No. F2, Moovendar second street,Tiruvalluvar Street, Madurai Reserve Lines, Madurai 14 625014
by TNIPASP Association.

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