Dear Postmaster,
From the bureau of CHQ of all India Association of Postmaster Cadre....

After the Pooja and festival season we all resumed our routine. The work is same the post is same and the remuneration is also same, but what is different? That is...acceptance, approach, and attitude.

We Met on 1.10.2012, at Mumbai and decided to form  a non federated association exclusively for Postmasters cadre and formed one ad hoc body. Through that ad hoc body we submitted our views to the Directorate for grievance and relief.

We all know that getting approval for an association is Policy and purely administrative task and the work will take its own time. Like that, our proposal is submitted in the required format  and the discussions are in progress.  Clarifications sought by the Dte. has been submitted. Before getting  any final reply from the Department, it is premature to announce the final decision. That is not correct also.  At present we can say, we are receiving  Positive signals from the Department.. When a committee is formed the members should be keep tranquillity among themselves.

They should think and act on the development of the association activities to maintain unity and to maintain the dignity of the cadre. Instead adopting the other measures to superseding and developing difference of opinion is highly regrettable.

The Constitution and the bye laws are already provided to the All India office bearers for implementation. But it is not seen that no circle has formed such ad hoc body in the circle and RO and divisional level. It is concerning. If any ad hoc body is formed in your circle that should be intimated to CHQ for records.  No one can drag us down except by ourselves. Our association activities should be carried out by us only. Don’t wait for others to recognise and approve us.

The fund management should be maintained.

We are all office in charge and working between the administration and the operative. So our dignity should be maintained in each level of approach. Do instead of Dialogues. Maintain unity at all time and level. Be prepared for the development in matured manner. Interact with each other for improvement.   In case of any derailment in the unity from any circle is received because of rumours, in fights, miscommunication and in activities that will affect the activities of the CHQ...we are in CHQ working  for the benefit of the Postmaster cadre in all possible way. All and any innovative initiatives from the all circle co coordinators are appreciated for to maintain the unity and tranquillity.

That’s all from the bureau of CHQ at present...we will meet again with positive and concrete reply.

Have a nice day to all Postmasters.

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