Minutes of AIAPC Raj. Circle Meeting held at Jaipur on 25.05.13

Minutes of AIAPC Raj. Circle Meeting held at Jaipur on 25.05.13

Meeting of Rajasthan Circle was held at Jaipur on 25.5.2013 
In this meeting Ad-hoc body of Rajasthan Circle was elected un anonymously & sent to General Secretary All India Association of Postmaster Cadre (AIAPC) for approval

President Sh. M.L. Nagar
Vice President I Sh. D.P. Sharma
Vice President II Sh. N.R. Choudhary
Vice President III Sh. L.R. Poonia
Circle Secretary Sh. Mohan Lal Meena
Asst Secretary I Sh. Balveer Singh
Asst Secretary II Sh. Jayanti Lal Mali
Asst Secretary III Sh. Rakesh Pareek
Treasurer Sh. Ranjit
Organizing Secretary I Sh. Sushil Kumar
Organizing Secretary I Sh. Harish Kumar Chandora
Organizing Secretary I Sh. M.G. Goswami
Auditor Sh. Satish Kumar Verma

Following Items were discussed in the meeting :- 

1. Gradation List of Rajasthan Circle should be prepared.
2. Database of all the Postmaster Masters Grade I & II of Rajasthan Circle have 
been prepared.
3. An increment should be given to those who were promoted in the same grade 
4. Ad-hoc Promotion for Grade II & Grade III should be made
5. In Grade III Post offices appointment of HSG-I Regular is natural injustice .It 
should be stopped immediately.
6. Adequate Staff position should be in Identified Grade I ,II , III Post offices .
7. LDCE for Gr ‘B’ & Promotion through seniority-cum- fitness 

All India Association of PostMaster Cadre 
Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur

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    Day in and day out pm grade officials are receiving stepmotherly treatment from the department. the latest offensive being the orders for HSG-1 promotion. this is nothing but a grave injustice to us and the time is ticking out for a remedy through court of law. showdown with administration seems inevitable.