Regional and Circle conference of Postmasters of Maharashtra




It is proposed to hold Regional conference of Postmaster Cadre in all regions of Maharashtra Circle prior to the II nd Circle conference to be held at Kolhapur on 16th June 2013.

All Regional coordinators of Aurangabad, Pune, Nagpur,Goa and Mumbai region will arrange theconference at their regional level immediately.

It is needless to say that this is the time for raising funds to make our place strong at Regional, Circle and all India level for the purpose of getting approval from the Directorate and also to knock the door of Justice if any injustice will be caused to the cadre.

As intimated by the Mumbai regional coordinators, Mumbai Regional Conference will be held on 19th May 2013, Sunday near Tulsiwadi Post office at 10.30 a.m. All Postmaster cadre officials in Mumbai Region should attend the meeting to discuss the recent developments and the challenges to the Cadre.

Through the meeting we should prepare ourselves in the following points :

1.    Making Database of all the Postmaster Masters Grade I & II

2.    Raising funds through donations under receipts

3.    Forming regional level adhoc body

4.    To prepare themselves for to attend the Circle conference at Kolhapur to elect the Circle adhoc body

5.    Also to discuss the local issues to be taken up with the Regional Office.

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