(By M.R.MEENAKSHISUNDARAM, Retired Supervisor, SBCO, Chennai GPO)


             Department of Post is a very big organisation with multifarious functions and spread over the entire country. Due to the vast business turnover as well the huge size of the human resources employed in the day to day functioning, there will be some losses to the organisation at times. Any enterprise this size will have some unscrupulous and shady characters amidst the staff. There will be losses due to frauds, theft and burglary, excess payments and compensation to be paid in consumer cases. Even so the loss due to these aspects is negligible compared to the revenue accrued through business. In Nationalised Banks million and millions of money is written off as loss due to bad debts. But in our department not even a single paise is allowed to be written off as the Administration is very keen in recovering the loss from its employees whether the employee is directly responsible or not. In my 39 years of service in this Department, I came across almost all type of cases of recoveries towards pecuniary loss and dealt with them. It is my humble opinion that the bureaucracy usually acts in an inhuman way to recover the loss though they have powers to write off the loss. For instance the Director of Postal Services has power to write off any excess payments in Savings Accounts and there is no monitory limit. In my experience I was able to convince a DPS to accord sanction to write off some minus balances in Savings Accounts as they were pending more than 10 years and the Chief Postmaster was trying to recover the excess payments from the staff who has no part in the transactions. The problem with the present staff is that they don’t want to familiarise with necessary rules of the Branch where they work. In spite of their superior academic qualifications, the present staff’s knowledge in departmental ruling is dismal and so the Administration is able to capitalise on the lack of knowledge and impose punishment of recovery without much difficulty. With current level of shortage of staff in Post Offices and the unwanted decentralisation of Accounting system, there is bound to be a lot of frauds as well as short comings/lapses on the part of the operative staff due to heavy workload. If this state of affairs continues, almost all the staffs have a permanent column in their pay bill under recovery towards Audit Objections. The Rule of recovery is a draconian rule though the rule was introduced with good intentions and the Administration utilises this rule to impose recovery unilaterally to all employees without any sympathy. First of all we have to understand the implication of this rule and then try to tackle it. Here are some aspects of the Rule:

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A long-pending dream of India Post to have banking operations is now taking a final shape. The Department of Post has moved a Cabinet note with the government providing Rs 500 crore as seed capital to India Post for this purpose. This is the minimum paid up capital required under the final norms for banking licenses put up by the Reserve Bank of India.
Financial help from the government is needed since India Post ran a deficit of Rs 5,805.9 crore in 2011-12, though 8.5% lower than Rs 7,899.3 crore in the previous year.

India Post plans to start banking operations in 50 branches, a key official said.

The official said all the initial work on applying for a banking license to RBI has been completed and the only task left now is to formally submit its application.

The deadline for submitting applications is July one and in between only two working days are left.

"Our officer is in Mumbai and we will file the application before the deadline," the official said.

When asked that it would be too costly an affair to convert a post office into a bank, the official explained that both post office work of India Post and banking operations will simultaneously exist.

She said India Post can always squeeze a little space in its existing post offices. "We can give the bank a completely different branding and so the bank and post office can coexist ," she said.

"That little space for bank branches will be built from the scratch. But, the existing infrastructure across 1,50,000 post offices will be leveraged. We are naturally the most fit candidate to open a bank as no one can match the department's reach," the official said.

She said India Post has around 1,50,000 post offices, while all the other bank branches combined would come to around 50,000 only.

"So, other aspirants have a reason to worry, but we qualify RBI's eligibility criteria in all respects," the official said.

When other private banks can have a lean and mean approach in terms of bank branches and can still be successful, so can India Post, the official asserted.

But, the idea is to not to open branches across all the 1,50,000 post offices, but have a selective play. "If we cover the entire network, it will be too extensive, therefore we will open in places where there are not other banks etc. And our post man could act as a banking correspondent enabled with micro-ATMs," she said.

To become a bank, India post will have to restructure its shareholding. There is a stipulation in the RBI's norms that promoter companies of entities wishing to set up banks should be 51% held by the public. At present, India post is 100% government of India holding.

India Post has long nursed an ambition to start a bank, called Post Bank of India.

Earlier, the finance ministry is understood to have opposed India Post’s plan as the postal service doesn’t have the expertise needed in relevant areas, such as handling credit.

The Department of Post has a few savings instruments like post office savings scheme, besides acting as a distributor for mutual fund companies. It also has a life insurance scheme— Postal Life Insurance.

India Post's plans will also help the UPA’s ambitious Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) Scheme as the programme falters because of poor last mile connectivity of banks.

The official said the banking correspondent model as enshrined in DBT will be performed by postman. He will get an additional commission of 0.07% over and above his regular salary for every new deposit. The official said that moves are also afoot to link all post office branches with core banking solutions (CBS), which would further enable them to function as a full-fledged bank.

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A long time ago, in an Italian city, they built a beautiful tower which was admired by everyone passing through. A little further down the road, in a neighbouring city, they had built a tower of similar beauty. The two towers were equally well known.

The people of the second city, envious and filled with pride, planned to destroy the neighbouring tower so it wouldn't take attention away from their own. One dark night, they came to the tower, with picks and shovels, and began to quietly undermine its foundations.

The next morning, the tower was leaning slightly, but nobody seemed to notice. The same happened for the following few days, until a little girl who was passing by pointed up at the tower and said: "I think that the tower is going to fall down." And everyone around looked closely, and could see that she was right.

Nervousness spread through the city. They tried no end of solutions to try to straighten the tower, but the days passed, and nothing seemed to work. That was, until one day when the same little girl was walking by again, and she leant her arm on the side of the tower, to rest. She felt the tower trembling slightly, amid the sound of creaking and groaning. When she took her hand off it, the movement and the noises stopped. And when she put it back on again, the same happened.

The girl spent a while doing this, until she was completely certain of what she had discovered: "The tower is ticklish!!"

She ran to get some flowers and plants, and she planted them right next to the tower. Now if the tower leant over any further it would be tickled by the petals and leaves of those plants. Being a ticklish tower, it would then have to return back to where it had been. In this way, the girl managed to make sure that the tower didn't collapse, but still kept it leaning a little.

The fact that it was leaning made it even more famous, and this taught a fine lesson to the envious people of the neighbouring city. Being jealous types, they tried to copy the lean of the first tower, but they couldn't do it, and the tower ended up collapsing, leaving the city not only without a tower, but also without a city hall.

Envy is not to be mistaken with jelousy. Competitiveness is actually a healthy character trait and I don't know if one can classify this as envy. Because in today's world it's just necessary at work and even at school to be competitive. You strife to do your best. In a job a boss wants his workers to be competitive. It really only becomes a problem and makes for an awkward work atmosphere if the competitiveness becomes so high that colleagues are not prepared to help each other when one is behind schedule or one has completed his or her tasks and is not willing to go and ask who needs some help...
Emulating a person is usually done because one envies a person but it's also a compliment to the person whom one copies even if it may be annoying but they would not try to copy the style or the ways of someone they did not secretly just envy but also admire.

Mocking someone is just rude and it can be a sign of envy.

Jealousy is also due to low self esteem but it's not the same as envy.


Every things could not be achived by envy - resulting ear filling to higher ups. That will also open a fresh file about you my dear  friends. Also Administration personnel - Before naming a cadre to a staff who is holding a post you think about how much you are well versered in that particular matter. HASTE IS WASTE....ENVY LEADS ENIMITY.....OVER POWERING MIGHT SHOW  INABILITY.


Dear Postmater a word with YOU ----

In Thane Central Division Compliant Inspector(IP) Shri. Vijay Kumar Taware who is also entrusted the work of scrutinising  and giving permission of the purchase(J Branch work) even though one J branch is function is insisting and thretening the Postmaster cadre officials through phone/PRI(P) to use the Rubber Stamp of the SUB POSTMASTER(LSG)/HSGII instead face the dire consequence of action from the divisional administration for grouping and making issues againt the adminitration.Eventhough he was explianed about the seperate cadre is constructed with reference to the Directorate orders endrossed by the Circle and Regional offices. He is not convinced and instead of refereing the orders he said he asked other divisions about the stamp and confirmed they are also using the SUB POSTMASTER LSG/HSG II rubber stamp.

Its a shame              Its a shame               Its a shame

Who will clarify the following questions : (RTI application is only a saviour)

1.Whether postmaster cadre is existing or its wiped out without knowledge of the incumbent

2. What will be the designation of the Postmaster Cadre Officials when they are posted in the identified post offices.

3. Is the action of the above named IP is correct? if  YES...please clarify what should be the designation of the Postmaster cadre officials? if NO... What will be action taken against the above named IP for coercin and harrassing a more than equally talented other cadre officials by using his power and nearness to the divisional administration?

4.What are the remedies available to the Postmaster cadre officials who are pressuriesd to work under coercien and block on their progressive way  to brought up the pride of the Indiapost.

If anybody have authenticated answer for this please post that in this blog....


The circle wise vacancy position of Postmaster Grade I Examination 2013

The circle wise vacancy position of Postmaster Grade I Examination 2013 scheduled to be held on 30.06.2013 as communicated vide Directorate letter no A-34012/4/2012-DE dated 10.06.2013 is as follows.

Dear Postmaster - A word with you

Dear Postmaster,

I feel happy to meet  you  again in the monsoon season.


Whirl wind is passing through the Postmaster Cadre. Some of us caught the log of Law to come to the shore safely with legitimate rights. Others are waiting for either for rescue ship to come or the help of the Almighty.

Very complicated situation in the department on the newly created with multi dimensional  Post master  Cadre.

One side we desire to obey the orders and rules and other side blockage on the further carrier progression. Every sincere official will first worry about the recent development on the implementation of the initial constitution.

When other root level chain grades are created under the initial constitution, the Postmaster Grade III should be created.  This is crystal clear that when a feeder cadre promotion rules are revised after lapse of two years the officials opted for the other newly created cadre on the basis of the guidelines issued when their options were called with time lines will loose their seniority on the basis of the option given to the other cadre.

If the intention of the administration is only create the Postmaster Grade III, that order should also mention about the notional promotion to the senior officials to protect their inter -se seniority.

This is the time to approach the Circle administration with letter to protect the natural justice to the Senior Postmasters(Grade II) of the circle. Definitely Administration will consider our request and proceed further. If not, we have no other option but to knock the doors of justice.

This is the message from the desk of Postmaster Maharashtra. We will meet again with other carrier related matters very soon.


Holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices during the year 2014 - Dopt order
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Representation from Government servant on service matters-Prescribed Channels
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Submission of representations / petitions or advance copies of representations to Directorate
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