A long time ago, in an Italian city, they built a beautiful tower which was admired by everyone passing through. A little further down the road, in a neighbouring city, they had built a tower of similar beauty. The two towers were equally well known.

The people of the second city, envious and filled with pride, planned to destroy the neighbouring tower so it wouldn't take attention away from their own. One dark night, they came to the tower, with picks and shovels, and began to quietly undermine its foundations.

The next morning, the tower was leaning slightly, but nobody seemed to notice. The same happened for the following few days, until a little girl who was passing by pointed up at the tower and said: "I think that the tower is going to fall down." And everyone around looked closely, and could see that she was right.

Nervousness spread through the city. They tried no end of solutions to try to straighten the tower, but the days passed, and nothing seemed to work. That was, until one day when the same little girl was walking by again, and she leant her arm on the side of the tower, to rest. She felt the tower trembling slightly, amid the sound of creaking and groaning. When she took her hand off it, the movement and the noises stopped. And when she put it back on again, the same happened.

The girl spent a while doing this, until she was completely certain of what she had discovered: "The tower is ticklish!!"

She ran to get some flowers and plants, and she planted them right next to the tower. Now if the tower leant over any further it would be tickled by the petals and leaves of those plants. Being a ticklish tower, it would then have to return back to where it had been. In this way, the girl managed to make sure that the tower didn't collapse, but still kept it leaning a little.

The fact that it was leaning made it even more famous, and this taught a fine lesson to the envious people of the neighbouring city. Being jealous types, they tried to copy the lean of the first tower, but they couldn't do it, and the tower ended up collapsing, leaving the city not only without a tower, but also without a city hall.

Envy is not to be mistaken with jelousy. Competitiveness is actually a healthy character trait and I don't know if one can classify this as envy. Because in today's world it's just necessary at work and even at school to be competitive. You strife to do your best. In a job a boss wants his workers to be competitive. It really only becomes a problem and makes for an awkward work atmosphere if the competitiveness becomes so high that colleagues are not prepared to help each other when one is behind schedule or one has completed his or her tasks and is not willing to go and ask who needs some help...
Emulating a person is usually done because one envies a person but it's also a compliment to the person whom one copies even if it may be annoying but they would not try to copy the style or the ways of someone they did not secretly just envy but also admire.

Mocking someone is just rude and it can be a sign of envy.

Jealousy is also due to low self esteem but it's not the same as envy.


Every things could not be achived by envy - resulting ear filling to higher ups. That will also open a fresh file about you my dear  friends. Also Administration personnel - Before naming a cadre to a staff who is holding a post you think about how much you are well versered in that particular matter. HASTE IS WASTE....ENVY LEADS ENIMITY.....OVER POWERING MIGHT SHOW  INABILITY.


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