Booking, Dispatch and Delivery of relief materials to Uttarakhand State by post without charging postage

Booking, Dispatch and Delivery of relief materials to Uttarakhand State by post without charging postage
DO from Shri S.K. Sinha, CGM(MB)
D. O. No. 30-27/2013-D
Dated : 04-07-2013
This is regarding the booking, dispatch and delivery of relief materials to Uttarakhand State by post without charging postage.
2. As you are aware that the recent floods and landslides in the State of Uttarakhand have led to massive damage to the life and property and have rendered many people without a shelter. Relief material such as clothes, blankets, woolens, utensils, edible items, medicines is being sent by people across the country.
3. The matter of booking, dispatch and delivery of relief material to Uttarakhand State by post without charging postage was considered by the Department. It has been decided to collect the relief material from the general public / institutions / agencies /NGO free of postage and dispatch the same to Uttarakhand State as a goodwill gesture.
4. For booking of packages containing relief material, special receipts may be got printed locally immediately with the heading “Relief material for Uttarakhand flood victims” at the top of the receipt. Receipts should be printed in duplicate with Sl. No. ‘0001 to 9999’ along with date. The Original copy may be handed over to the sender and the carbon copy may be kept as office copy. Address of the addressee may be got printed as “Senior Postmaster, Dehradun GPO-248001” and sufficient space may be kept for writing name and address of the sender. Serial number of the receipt and date of booking should be clearly and legibly written on the package and it should be stamped with the name stamp of booking Head Office.
5. The packages of the relief material so booked should be closed in a bag addressed to the Senior Postmaster, Dehradun GPO-248001 and dispatched by surface mode i.e. Departmental MMS, contractual MMS, RMS Sections, etc.
6. It is learnt that the Railways are also dispatching relief material to Uttarakhand free of charge up to 09-07-2013. The Railways may extend this date. You are requested to make full use of this facility of Railways of free transmission to bond the efforts and Synergy of Posts and Railways. In this context, you may ask your Region / Division to contact the Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager of Divisional Railway Manager’s office and collect the information as to which authority and where the relief material is to be handed over. For free transmission by trains, relief material should be addressed to the District Magistrate of the concerned district of Uttarakhand State and handed over to the proper railway authority under receipt.
7. The relief material would be accepted only in the Head Post Offices up to 20-07-2013. Detailed instructions for booking, dispatch and delivery of relief material are enclosed.
8. Wide publicity may be given through Press Release and through advertisement in local newspapers.
I would, therefore, request you to kindly make necessary arrangements in this regard.
Encl: Instructions
Yours sincerely,

(S K Sinha)

Instructions for Booking, Dispatch and delivery of Relief Materials for Uttarakhand
1. The Relief material containing clothes, blankets, woollens, medicines, tarpaulin, plastic sheets, Torch, long shelf-life food etc. may be sent through the arrangements made by the Department of Posts.
2. The material should be securely packed by the sender and marked on top as “Relief material for Uttarkhand”. Accordingly, the package should be addressed to “Senior Postmaster, Dehradun GPO, Dehradun-248001 (Uttarakhand)”.
3. The facility to book the relief material for the sender would be available at all Head Post Offices across the country.
4. The package containing relief material can be accepted up to 35 Kg. of weight for a single package. The sender would not be required to pay any postage for this purpose.
5. The facility for booking or providing relief material at Head Post Offices would be provided with immediate effect and up to 20th July, 2013.
6. It may be ensured by the Circles that wide publicity is given to the initiative through the media. The public may also be made aware that the relief material should not contain liquid, breakable items or any other item prohibited for booking through post offices.
7. At every HO, a receipt book containing receipts in duplicate and specially printed locally for booking of packages of relief material may be kept in sufficient quantity.
8. The relief material would be sent in direct bags closed for Dehradun GPO and routed through surface mode. Wherever the Railways are dispatching relief material to Uttarakhand State free of charge, the bags containing packages of relief material should be addressed to the District Magistrate of the concerned district in Uttarkhand State.
9. The relief material transmitted through postal channel would be delivered by the Senior Postmaster, Dehradun GPO to ‘Centre for Collection & Distribution of Relief Material, Maharana Pratap Sports College, Raipur Road, Dehradun’ set up by Uttarakhand State Government under clear receipt. Special delivery slip containing the details of the packages of relief material i.e. Name of head office of booking, serial number of the package, date of booking and weight may be prepared for delivery.

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