Season's greetings to all

Dear Postmaster,

Season's greetings to all,


This is the time for recollecting the memories and to take new oaths to follow in coming new-year. We also made many targets officially, personally and unitedly to achieve our goals. We can say we fulfilled them to some extend also.


In the month of November 2011 we meet all India level and formed an ad hoc body and represented our issues with centrally at all times. In April 2012 CHQ members attended Directorate and represented our side. Cadre restructure proposal is also submitted to them in time. What we achieved is only a platform. But we wanted to build up a bridge between us and Administration.


Administration assured us to support in all ways centrally.


Many of our CHQ members are more generous and make the expenses to meet our goal personally. This state of fund position is giving worry. Without contribution from each and every member of our association  nothing can be achieved. Asking funds and giving that for a meeting and keeping silent for years together till the next call is concerning us that all of you are interested in our association or not. Forming and functioning an association for the common cause is not a one man show.  So We on behalf of all the loyal Postmasters of Maharashtra Circle request all the Maharashtra circle Postmaster to handover the fund in form of donation to the authorised members of your region and division.


To meet the ensuing expenses for Maharashtra Circle conference and further leads after the meeting the donation is fixed Rs.500/- one time. This is other than the monthly subscription that was already intimated as Rs.50/per month. When courage, genius, and generosity hold hands, all things are possible.


Hope the fund collection should be started by the regional representatives immediately as the Circle conference and a dynamic decision on the occasion on 12th January 2014 at
Mumbai Central, Mumbai at 10.00 a.m.

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