*All India Association of Postal Supervisors(AIAPS)-CWC -14th to 16th Dec 2016 held at New Delhi*

*All India Association of Postal Supervisors(AIAPS)-CWC -     14th to 16th Dec 2016 held at New Delhi*

*And Mission Directorate and Concerned Ministry -Delhi*

   CWC was held from 14 to 16 December 2016 at New Delhi. Eleven All India Association of Postal Supervisiors delegates from U.P, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu have attended the CWC. 

All India Vice President Smt.Savithri Venkateshan is preceded the CWC and our General secretary Shri.Manoj Bharadwaj have conducted the CWC in enthusiastic  manner.

   All the attended delegates had briefly explained about the major 5 problems faced by the Postmaster cadre.
The following major problems were discussed:

*1. Higher stepped up Grade pay to PM 1/2/3/Sr.PM poste from anomaly committee w.e.f 1.1.16.*

*2. Immediate implementation of Postmaster cadre restructure to enhance PM1/2/3/Sr.PM posts.*

*3. Negative interpretation of PM cadre recruitment rules and immediately allowing PM cadre officials to appear LDCE as like LSG officers*

*4.Immediate amendment of PSS Group B recruitment rules to allot and enhancing PSS Group B posts to PM cadre.*

*5. All India PM Grade III seniority as per feeder grade seniority not as per the date of joining.*
And the remedial action have also been discussed. 

As per the remedial actions derived by the AIAPS delegates, AIAPS team of 11 members had visited directorate on 15th December 2016.

*Mission Directorate dated 15.12.2016*

Got the formal appointment with top level administration Member (P) and have discussed about the 5 major problems gist with the top level administration. For That meeting, administration side Member (P), ADG(establishment), ADG(SPB) have participated and from the recognised association AIAPS staff side all the delegates have participated in the meeting. 

Detailed memorandum with remedial prayer had been submitted by hand to the Honourable Member (P) Shri.Ashok Kumar Dash.

*Member (P) have assured to our recognised association to give the solid reply within the fortnight time*

*Mission-Ministry dated 16.12.2016*

As per the decision of CWC delegates on 16.12.2016 - 7 delegates got an appointment with the Honourable communication minister Shri.Manoj Sinha.

But unfortunately Minister had an emergent cabinet meeting at PMO office.  We have discussed about the importance of that meeting with PA to minister and again we had pressed further and because of the higher level influences, Meeting with the Minister was again rescheduled on Monday and Our General secretary have got an dedicated phone number to contact the minister with ease.

*Request will be submitted with the detailed memorandum to depute a nodal officer till such redressal of Postmaster cadre those 5 major problems.*

After Member (P) meeting, and departed from Minister office, for the last 2 days AIAPS delegates had splitted into 3 teams and further went to Senior DDG section, SPB-II section, DE section and also SPN section and detailed discussion were held in the sections.

Over all Directorate mission was very satisfactory and *this is the first time we have knocked as the recognised association and because of that recognised association banner we had a privilege of getting acknowledgement
and assurance to redress all the major problems within a fortnight.*

Hope new 2017 year shall be the year for the prosperous Postmaster Cadre.

Detailed minutes of the discussion with Member (P) and then concerned sections, CWC Minutes, submitted Memorandum-all will be published shortly in our AIAPS-CHQ blog and other affiliated AIAPS Circle blogs.
Some photos are shared for the esteemed recognised AIAPS association members kind information.