Postmaster's Meeting


Our periodical  formal meetings with higher authorities are giving fruitful results. To retain the successful outcome from those meetings we should be united and be updated with steps and issues taken up with the authorities. We are all born to work and our in puts reflects in the successful implementation,execution and completion of the undertaken jobs by the department.

Recently, our associaion circle president and secretary has attended the four monthly meeting with CPMG. Many of our issues are to be settled at Directorate level for the betterment of our carrier prospects. But whenever we take our issues with Directorate we are asked to come through the Circle Administration. 

Therefore we kept agends for following points :

1. Conducting timely DPC for promotion of Postmaster cadre eligible officials.
2. Cadre restructuring proposal for Postmater cadre.
3. Amendments in LDCE rulings of PSSGroup B
4. To uplift the demoralised Postmaster cadre officials.

Hon.CPMG heared our points and discussed far and wide and assured that they will give all possible support to us. 

We were shown and given the copies of the letters addressed to Directorate on the clarification on one time relaxation for promotion of Postaster cadre. The reply is still awaited.

All India Combined gradation list of Postmaster Grade III representation received from the grade III officials are forwared by Circle office to Directorate. The reply is still awaited.

The points raised on enhancement of financial power of Postmasters in SO/HO.

At present the delegation of financial power is very less than the other sanctionin authorities. Hence the financial power of the postmasters should be enhanced. CPMG assured that this issue will be examined.

Sanction of refresment to the staff who detained for special work in extended hours. CPMG assured that orders will be issued on this issue.

In this way our association is serving for this cadre.

Now our elected body proposed to visit Directorate to discuss various cadre related issues which could not solved at circle level along with the other circle members on 13th December 2016.

Our CWC is also proposed during that period at Delhi.

Before approaching Directorate, This association is arranged for a meeting on 4th December,2016 at Mumbai Central at 10.00a.m. to discuss on those subjects which are to be taken up with the Directorate.

All members should attended the meeting .

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