Bi monthly meeting -10.01.2016


Today(10.01.2017) Maharashtra Circle Circle President and Circle Secretary attended the Bi monthly meeting with PMG Mumbai Region.

As usual the agenda was submitted two months ago and meeting was called today. So, the items related with

1. the adhoc and regular promotion issues of Grade I to II under one time relaxation order. 

2.the adhoc and regular promotion to grade III to Sr. Postmaster.

3.Working difficulties in Post Offices due to frequent changes in orders and implementation procredures.Replacement of old hardware, Sufficient staff postiton.

in out of agenda item :

1. Requested for direct contact with Divisional head for official issues
2. Stressed about the need of financial power to the Postmaster cadre
3. Issues related with outsourced man power

The reply from official side :
1. At present no regular promotion order is possible as per the clarfication from the Directorate but adhoc  promotion order will be issued for the eligible remaining official on their submission of willingness.
2.Identification of Sr.Postmaster offices is pending with Directorate hence suitable reminder will be issued by them.
3. Hardware such as lasser printer is already been supplied and pass book printer will be supplied soon. PCs procured before2005 will be replaced soon. Before  CSI all Hardwares will be supplied directly by Directorate.
4. De identification of Postmaster cadre and identification of similar post in the division and circle is not happening recently with reference to Directorate order.

On out of agenda items action taken report as per the fessiability will be taken and orders will be issued.

Postmasters, all you are aware that getting official meeting with authorities are possible only through the recognised association. We are trying to take up the issues covering the Postmaster cadre. For to add more effiectiveness we all should be united.

It is proposed to contact a circle level meeting at Mumbai on 29th January 2017. All should attend the meeting to decide further course of action on the issues affecting postmaster cadre. 

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